F18 I call back the weed dude and find a new kink

So, since last time I broke up with my boyfriend. It wasn’t too hard finally I think I was not so much in love anymore.


Last night I sent a message at the weed dude from the party and around 7 pm to ask what he was doing the evening, and he said nothing, I’m home alone.

He asks me to come and I couldn’t say no, he cooks for me and we begin neflix and chill.


We watched 1 episode of Wenesday and we begin talking.

After a while in the dark talking, he asks me:

” Have you tried non vanil things in bed? ”

I told him that the craziest things I have done in my life was with him and the 2 girls.

He tells me that we will try something

He tells me to go in the bathroom and go naked

I did without asking any question and after 5 minutes he come and tell me to sit in the shower, I was naked and it was cold but my body was as warm as the sun.


He put is pant down and ask me to close my eyes and open my mouth.

I waited for at least 30 seconds and I begin to feel is warn pee flowing on my face and mouth.

Instantly I felt the endorphins rushing every part of my body.

I was like on as another planet completely disconnected of this world.

By reflex I begin rubbing my pussy and instantly feel dripping wet.

He said “now suck my dick little slut”.

So I begin to suck him and fingering myself in the same time.

He and I didn’t last long, and in less than 3 minutes I was feeling the squirt warming my feet and the cum flowing in my mouth.


I never try piss before and Is really crazy good.

My life as took a crazy turn and I love it.

NSFW: yes

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