F18 Hole in one! Public sex and crazy golf (mf)

James (26) and I (18) had not long been together when this took place. We were 6 months in, it was just before my 19th birthday and we were still discovering what we liked in bed. It was a later summers evening and we decided to take a drive while it was still warm. We went to a nearby nature park and decide to take a few drinks with us and he too his putter and a few balls. I wasn’t impressed. The drinks I am fine with but I am not about to sit around and watch him play golf.

We walk for a bit until we come across a crazy golf course, because it was evening it was closed but the fence was small, there were no cameras and very few people around we snuck in. This was James plan all along. James does play golf but this wasn’t my first time on a crazy golf course so fancied my chances.
‘Want to make it more interesting?’ I asked
‘Yeah sure, what do you have in mind?’
‘After each hole, who ever lost the hole has to lose an item of clothing!’
‘You aren’t wearing much, you will be naked my hole 5!’
‘Then you have nothing to worry about surely? And don’t you want to see me naked?’

Obviously he agreed and it was game on. First hole was relatively straight forward but I didn’t want to take any chances, so as he was lining up to take the winning shot, I slowly started to undo the zip of my hoodie, showing off enough cleavage to distract him. And it worked! I took a 1 nil lead and he removed his t shirt. Onto the next hole. I only wanted to show I could beat him, now I don’t care if I lose a few holes, I went out hope we would be having sex any way so wore clothes that were easy to remove on purpose.

Next hole I lose and off comes the hoodie, underneath all I had on was a skimpy white triangle bikini I wore during the day. At the end of the third hole I had lost again and we can across the moment, would James make me get my tits out or will I be losing my denim shorts? He opted for the shorts, which I quickly obliged. I shimmied them off my hips to show my cute black thong. Although from a distance they might pass for a bikini bottom, they were just a tiny pair of VS panties. My pussy is wet now too from being so exposed. A couple of times we had to duck down as peopled would walk past, as the course was on the main path in the park. We also heard a group of lads pitch up near the lake close by for a BBQ. We knew we weren’t alone in enjoying the evening and the risk of getting caught just went up.

I didn’t have long left in this game but luckily I won the next hole. James removed his shorts and now we were both down to our underwear effectively. He was wearing tight white Calvin’s and so we kind of matched. I fizzed my drink up and sprayed him a bit, a lot got on his boxers and made them slightly see through and I can easily now make out his quickly hardening cock. As if my pussy wasn’t wet enough. The next hole I wanted to speed things up, I take the first shot, he goes next and as he lines up I just slowly untie my bikini top to reveal my tits to him. Dropping my top to the ground I just give him a small grin.
‘Now we are even’ I say.
‘ Next hole wins’ and I just move on to the next one. Which was at the front of the course, just as I place my ball down a middle age couple walks past. I look up, give the husband a flirtatious wave, while the wife looks disapprovingly. I don’t care at this point, I am horny and the wondered of getting caught only turns me on more. We play the hole and as James sinks his final shot, winning, I know what I must do. In plain sight for anyone that walks past now, I look James straight in the eyes, I hook my thumbs into the string of my thong and pull them down seductively. I step out of my thong and pick it ip, just twirling it now in the air. I look at him, ‘Now what?’

His cock is fully hard now and I can’t think of anything else I want more. I drop my thong to the floor, I walk to him and drop to my knees. I ring my hands ip his legs, grab his bum, then his wait band and pull down his boxers. His cock springs free and is just handing in my face. The smell of precum is strong. I grab the base of his cock and begin licking up his shaft from the bottom to the head. Giving head gets me so wet! I love nothing more than having a thick cock in my mouth and watching the guys body respond as I swirl my tongue around the head of dick. As much I would like to swallow his load I need this cock in my pussy asap! I stand up in front of him and just say ‘fuck me!’

I wondered he would pick me up and we would go somewhere discreet but interests he pushes me towards the fence, I put my hands on the fence, stick my bum out and arch my back ready for him to fuck me from behind. Although quite, accept for the lake side bbq that was going on, this was still the most open and public sex I had had. I love being treated like a little slut and this was up there. He took no time at all to enter me and immediately back to thrust all the way in. I gripped my pussy as tight as I could but I was so wet him slid in and out with ease. This must have been a turn on for him because despite being able to go for a while I kept feeling his cock pulse and get progressively harder. I knew it wouldn’t be long now until he was filling me with cum. At the time I was on the pill so loved it that he could cum freely inside me.

As I still to feel him fill me up, I slide off of him and drop to my knees and take two shots to my face. I just wanted to taste him so badly. I go to the grab my clothes so we can make a quick get away. He asks what am I doing and I say. But he had other ideas.
‘I know you planned to have sex all along, so I don’t think is my reward for winning’
‘Instead, you have a forfeit for losing. You need to walk back to the car naked. And don’t think about cleaning your face off yet either.’
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous and reluctant but just the idea alone turned me on enough to agree. Our walk back to the car while hot for me, was easy. We heard the voices from the bbq but didn’t pass a single person. That was until we made it to the car. One of the guys from the bbq had gone to their car to fetch more drinks and as he was heading back caught me. Cum on my face still, some dripping down my leg and totally naked.
‘Lost a bet’ I say confidently and just get in the car without a second wondered. Both James and the guy were left stunned and stood there for what felt like an age. Eventually James got in the car and returns my clothes. My hoodie was oversized so I just put that on and drove home still naked underneath.

NSFW: yes

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