F18 – First Facial At The Swimming Pool

So, today while at the swimming pool with two of my cousins, I kept getting touched and flirted with by this older man. I admit, I was a little surprised, so I took this as sign of friendship.

But it ended up being more than this when he litterally put his hand on my ass underwater. All of this in front of my cousins!

I was first mad and a little bit impressed by him… But the way he was looking at me made me feel so special. I felt like I was some sort of sex goddess that needed to be pleased. Just right there, in the pool.

The real thing that turned me on is the moment he went out of the water… I could see his hard dick under his boxer. Could not help but thinking about how it would feel to suck a perfect stranger OLDER than me!

After this, I did not see him for the entire day until our path crossed again on my way out of the pool. Just before the showers… He grabbed me and blocked me on a wall. Did not move one inch while he placed his hand on my cheek and placed his thumb on my lips, which I began sucking on.

Then, he invited me to the bathroom. At this moment I knew he wanted me to suck his (apparently) big dick. So I accompanied him.

I got down on my knees, he put his cock in my mouth, and I just sucked his dick really, really well for about five minutes after we entered the bathroom and locked the door. He asked if he could finish on my face as he was about to finish, and since I had never had that done to me before, I said sure, why not.

Then I started stroking and licking the head, and just as he was about to cum, he grabbed my face with his dick and covered it completely.

I actually wondered my face was wet, lol. All over, it was warm and gloppy. I looked up at him when he asked if he could take a picture, grinning as I signaled for him to do so.

Then I just went quickly to the shower to make sure my cousins can’t notice anything.

I don’t know what happened with that picture…

How bad am I?

NSFW: yes

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