{F} When I fell in Love with Anal – Short Sex Story

I had tried anal before in my life and it was at all times okay. It never felt great. It was only ever okay and that was a best case scenario. But this story is the first time my ex fucked my ass.

My ex boyfriend was one of the most fun fucks of my life. He made me sexual appetite what it is now. I used to only have sex with those i wondered i loved. But he changed all of that.

He would regularly wake me up in the middle of the night with his long gorgeous tongue deep in my pussy. We would fuck and then fall back asleep with our cum all over the bed.

This time he woke me up with a tongue in my ass. I woke up with a bigger smile than i usually do. His tongue rimming my asshole was so exciting. I was instantly dripping. My juices falling from my pussy down to my asshole and he would use that as extra lubricant.

He then asked me if i wanted to try. I hesitantly agreed. Already starting to dread it. But he flipped me over puts his cock into my pussy with a finger in my ass. He prone-boned me and the finger in my ass is slightly stretching me out.

His dick felt so good in me. His long and hard thrusts were perfection. I could feel my juices flowing harder. I reach under me to play with my clit while he fucks me and fingers my asshole. His other hand is on the small of my back pushing me into the bed so i cant escape. And the finger in my ass starts to move more. He adds another.

He flipped me over again and asks me to spread my ass for him. I did what daddy told me. He pulled out a bottle of lube and using a generous amount. All over his hard cock and all over me. Gently he put his cock into my ass. Slowly to ease me into it.

Finally my ass accepted it and sucked him into me. After a few easy strokes he started to fuck me harder. Unlike the previous times, this time felt like i was seeing god. I was going crazy. I was hooked.

With my hands on ass still spreading for him, he slapped my pussy with his hand and asked me if i like him in my ass. With pleasure i say i do. I was craving him to fuck me harder. His cock was pulsating, struggling to stay in my tight asshole and i loved the feeling. Thinking of it now makes me so wet.

My hands now moved to the back of my knees to spread and hold my legs back for him and he kept ramming my asshole. He would hold the back of my neck with both hands and stare into my eyes and kiss me.

Then he flipped me over and fucked my ass in doggy. I gripped the back of the head board (nail marks are still there). He held my hair and slapped my ass repeatedly until they were beet red.

After around 10 minutes he started to squirm and i locked my legs around him to bring him in deep to my ass. He let out a barbaric grunt and came all over my swollen ass. Gave me a final kiss and fell back asleep.

NSFW: yes

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