[F] The beginning of a new sexual journey with a school friend [23F]

I was dancing and making out with all the guys last week while out at the club with my friends. Since I was feeling so attractive and confident at the time, I could see that one of our male friends felt the same way about me. Despite the fact that we had been friends for four years, there had been sexual tension between us for months.

When we started making out on the dance floor and were covertly cuddling inside the club, things got really hot. And when I say things were hot, I really mean it. In public, I don’t think I’ve ever been that hot; my pants were dripping wet. When we got back to my house from the club, I was so happy to have him in my bedroom. He left, and I went to work, calling him several times throughout the evening. I liked the way he whimpered as I pushed him over the edge while he was holding onto the covers.

Later, as we sat in bed sweating, I realized that this was just the beginning. I can not wait to see him again, and when we do, I’ll make sure he leaves happy the next time too. I already miss him, and I’m sure I will until we are reunited.

NSFW: yes

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