[F] Sharing an intense sexual experience on MDMA with my [F]riend after the club (part 1)

*Warning: long. Also, will add part 2 in comments later on if any interest.*

This was back in my clubbing days. I go rarely now, but still love dance music.

Back then – the 2000s – I would go to techno/trance all nighters probably once a month. The crowds were amazing, but the best part was the venues. They were often dark, rabbit warren type places, with lots of dark corners, twisting corridors. Felt like a different world, filled with like minded people and the constant muffled beats from the competing sound systems in the different rooms.

People were so accepting too; goers turned in all sorts of outfits, from casual jeans/t shirt, to cyberpunk inspired creations with goggles, neon stripes, futuristic boots. I love getting dressed up anyway, so it was a perfect place to be innovative without judgement. It was all the time hot once you got moving, so dressing appropriately meant wearing little. I was wearing a tie die crop top, tight so I could get away without a bra, some 3/4 length camo workout pants,and my faithful purple Converse.

I didn’t go with set friends, but recognised a lot of goers by sight over time – men and women alike, and was friends enough with them that I felt comfortable going out on my own knowing that I would end up with a familiar, and friendly, crowd.

Essential details to add: I all the time managed to discover some ecstacy, or better some mandy (mdma). Music was great already, but on e/mdma, everything was more amazing. Constant head rushes as the tunes built up and dropped, the physical contact from brushing past someone whilst you were rushing, and even more so when in the midst of the crowd when the headlining act kicked off, being surrounded by sweaty heaving bodies, all grinding and jostling together. Still makes me rush now when I think back.

On this night, I’d managed to score a gram of mandy; easily enough for the night and more. I’d gone to the ladies to do a quick line, and was soon back and dancing near the back as I came up. There were tiered seats all the back up nearly to the vaulted ceiling – and the back area before these tiers was less crowded, with more room to move, plus the easy access to seats when the music got too intense was handy.

I’d spotted a recent friend, Ruth, in the crowd as she scanned around looking for familiar faces, and caught her eyes. She came over, and we embraced – hugging strangers is easy enough when you’re high and out clubbing, and is even more of a natural way to greet friends, even recently made ones.

Just feeling her pressed up against me, our chests sqeezed together and arms wrapped around, sent tingles across my scalp. She looked amazing too; hair with purple and green streaks in wild bunches either side of her head, help in place by neon hair bands, a shimmering bikini top that she was bursting out of – I would have shown off too if I had tits like she did – and some figure hugging pink hot pants. I don’t know if she knew I was into women – and I had no idea if she was – but something about her that night just seemed so, it’s difficult to put into words, but she was crackling with energy, and just more alive than usual.

I gestured to a wrap in my hand, she griined and mouthed “Let’s do it!”, and off we went, me leading her by the dand through the crowds to discover a quiet spot to rack up a line. Even her finger tips tracing on my wrist as we wove our way along were almost too intense. I focused. and we ended up back in the toilets, found an empty stall and I quicky sorted us both out with a good size line (begin big, and keep the high with occasional top-ups was what kept me going all night). We danced back to our spot, grabbing some overpriced water bottles on the way, and exchanged knowing smiles as the mandy began to hit us both.

We were in a world of our own, surrounded by a mass of heaving, sweaty bodies, and the atmosphere was charged. We both loved to dance, making good use of the extra space we had, but were still close enough that we frequently touched, brushing arms and hips as we moved, eyes occasionally closing to better focus on the sensations. Knowing how amazing it felt for me, I waited till she slowed, and then brushed my hand through her hair across her scalp, my nails gently trailing just to see her eyes almost rollback and her body shudder in response. Unasked, she began to do the same back to me, though I was sure her fingertips lingered ever longer on my neck, my back and further, but I was too caught up to really process it beyond feeling amazing.

The next few hours are kinda blurry looking back, but I remember coming to, standing still after a particualrly big rush, and she was there hand on my back supporting me, and offering me a water. I grinned, took it and shouted that I fucking loved her, she grinned back, and before I knew it, her lips and locked onto mine and our tongues were lightly dancing. I felt her pull me onto her, as we embraced, arms around me and gripping my ass tightly.

We paused to breathe, and promptly burst out giggling at each other. Intense feelings surfaced and we kissed again, slower and caressing each others faces. it felt like we were in a bubble – part of, but still separate from, everything else around us. “More mandy?” she mouthed at me, and I nodded excitedly. Ruth took the lead this time, our fingers intertwined as she guided us back to the stalls. I gave her the wrap to sort out, and told her I had to pee. Pulling down my pants, I sat down. “Oh fuck!” I mouthed as I peed, the head rush from peeing was like a mini orgasm, and pulsed through me like waves. Opening my eyes, Ruth was looking straight at me, “fuck you’re gorgeous” she mouthed. “Even when peeing?” I asked, “especially when you’re peeing” she replied, biting her lip. I couldn’t believe my luck – was she into pee play too? I’d been a fan since introduced by an ex, but rarely found someone to distribute in my love of it.

She turned away, leaned forward, and her line disappeared with a sharp intake of breath. “All yours” she gestured, and pointed with her eyes at the line she’d prepared for me. Pulling my pants up, we switched positions and as I snorted my line.

Time flew as we alternately danced with abandon, bumping and grinding against each other, and retreating to some secluded seats we’d found in the shadowy tiers behind us. There we sat, enjoying the waves of rushes sweeping over us, and took turns seating in front the other whilst they massaged our shoulders, neck, and head. If you’ve never had a head massage whilst high, you can not believe how amazing it feels. Out of body experience amazing.

This carried on throughout the night, headline acts changing over, the tempo keeping things alive right up to the end, when the night began to draw to a close around 6am. It’s a weird feeling as lights start to come on, and you can see everything around you where once were shadows.

“Let’s go back to mine and fuck” I mouthed at her. Ruth leaned in for another kiss, not caring about the milling crowds around us, and told me, smiling, to get a move on.

Most times there are after parties nearby for people to continue at – either with more dance music, or more often ambient breaks and chillout for people to wind down to. When I started to come down, I felt much less comfortable around crowds – though small groups of friends were ok – so preferred heading home. There I could put on some incense, listen to some Gigantic Attack, and because comedowns made me incredibly horny, break out some of my favourite toys, put some porn on the big screen, and go to town on myself. I was definitely lesbian, but enjoyed all sorts of porn, particularly anal play and pee play, and had some compilations I’d put together for my extended play sessions.


I had some textured butt plugs I’d put in; with every movement I’d feel them almost pull out followed by the sensation of being penetrated all over again, as I gently rocked back and forth. I had a few different dildos, but my own fingers were more reliable – esp with the added sensitivity mandy gave me – and just gently circling my clit, occasionally probing deeper to wet my finger tips some more, was almost too much. But I’d only ever indulged like this on my own.

We got back to my house; it was an otherwise commercial part of town, so no immediate neighbors meaning I could be loud as I liked. I led Ruth in to the living room. Blinds were drawn and I put on some dim lighting, and some music. I got a bottle of sparkling wine from the kitchen to distribute before cheekily wracking up another line on the glass table. She laughed, “you’re a bad influence” she said, before snorting her line straight up. Grinning, I copied her and finished my line, then holding her hand, pulled her back onto the sofa beside me.

She gazed around the room, and I soon saw her eyes widen, and her mouth slyly grin, as she realised the prints adoring the walls were numerous erotic scenes, most lesbian, and some quite explicit. “This is my favourite room” I told her, also looking around at the art and smiling. And feeling at ease, told her just how ridiculously horny I get on mdma, and how I would lie in here for hours just masturbating, and watching porn. She gave me an intense look, and pulled me in towards her again. She nuzzled up close, and whispered into my ear, “Show me”.

NSFW: yes

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