[F] My only time with a reddit guy is still my best

So I’m sort of new here but like browsing some of the pages with hot guys and I can see why this gets addicting because some of the men on here are hot asf..

We all know most hot guys don’t usually pack and look pretty but I messaged a guy on here who was literally too good to be true expecting to figure out he was fake. I added him on snap and he sent me a live fucking video, then another, and another and I couldn’t believe it. This man is a Greek god, tall, handsome, muscles and abs and supposedly the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Obv I was turned on as fuck and needed to see a full nude to make sure he wasn’t photoshopping himself…

He sends another video and it checks out. I dropped my phone and immediately started making plans to meet up. It turns out he was traveling back from holidays and he could take a detour my way. Being nervous still about being catfished I agreed to meet him at our local coffee shop just to be safe. When we met there he got out of the car looking like a dream…tall, broad shoulders, sharp jawline and beautiful hair. I felt my legs shaking a little because he was so pretty that it was making me sooo nervous. We had coffee and eventually it came time to take him back to my place, we got in the car and I confessed I was a little shaken up by how hot he was. He complimented my eyes and hourglass figure while putting a hand on my thigh.

At this point I’m pretty fucking turned on by him and getting nervous about how it’s gonna go, and once we were a minute or two away I got a mental picture of that huge cock he was supposedly carrying in his pants, looking over it didn’t look like it was busting through or anything, I’m thinking I’m safe but I’m also pretty soaked by this point.

He held the door for me and let me out of the car and I lead him to my front door. Once inside he asked me if I was excited, looking at his face and biting my lip I told him I was…at this point he started making out with me and pinned me against the wall. I’m pretty short so it’s about this time that I started to feel him growing with his body pressed against mine and it was honestly so distracting because of how abnormal this all was.

Within a few minutes I’d all of a sudden lost most of my clothes and had his shirt off. I sat on my bed and started pulling his pants down. Pulling, pulling, PULLING and it was snagged on his compression shorts under his pants, not just snagged but basically two coke cans worth of thick dick are exposed and his shit STILL isn’t out all the way!! He helps me pull it out and smiles, which I barely noticed since I was starting at an absolute horse dick on a beautiful man and literally almost came right there-i was so turned on but so scared and nervous!

I started working his enormous dick with both hands and my mouth for a few minutes, hearing him moan and seeing his abs flex just turned me on soooo much…he grabbed my neck, pulled his dick out of my mouth and made eye contact again…and smirked. At this point he laid me down and proceeded to assault my clit and pussy with his tongue in a way I’d never felt before, looking back at it he was probably average with the tongue but I was so fucking turned on by him that I came easily… TWICE and was already feeling it before he’d even penetrated!

He then picks head up and tells me I taste as good as I look, slapping his massive thick cock on my stomach and sizing me up…at this point I’m so fucking ready for it and tell him to fuck me so hard I can not move after…and he does.

It was some next level shit I’d never had a dick that thick in me and I can see why some girls are size queens because holy FUCK it making me feel like I needed to cum nearly every stroke and literally overstimulating my vagina in methods I’d never felt. It was so warm and full feeling and I was getting more turned on hearing his moans and seeing the veins in his abs get full as he was pounding the hell out of me. It got to the point I was almost passing out, my legs numb and body convulsing while also feeling utter bliss. If this is what heroin feels like I totally find out how people get hooked on it because it was unlike anything I’d ever felt.

When he was pleased I let him finish on my stomach and face and I could tell he was abstaining over break because it was a hella lot of cum that came out. This also turned me on knowing he was this pleased to own my body considering I’m a ordinary girl and he was a god.

We hung out the rest of the day, fucking once more until my pussy was too sore for his Warhammer and I got to commemerize the moment by comparing him to my [forearm]( Seriously. As big as my fucking forearm. I know I’m only 5’3 but still like wtf.

In a way he’s ruined me these past couple of weeks because I want another guy like him but it’s literally 1 in a million to discover a package like that and I’m just hoping he comes this way again soon!

NSFW: yes

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