{F/M} We Fucked Our Unsatisfied Neighbor – Short Sex Story

My first threesome was really rough. The guy didnt know what to do with both of us girls and the other girl just laid there and had no interest in me. So i tried to stay away from threesomes and group sex cause it seemed like it wasnt my sort of thing even though i hoped it was.

But this is the time about me and my ex (whom i mentioned in another story) had a threesome with our neighbor.

Our neighbor was a 30 something married women. She has since been divorced. But she had gorgeous brown hair that complimented my blonde hair. Her breast were similar to mine, although slightly smaller. And her ass was something else. It was a large sculpted masterpiece.

One day when my ex and i were walking home, she was outside crying because she got into a big fight with her husband. We didnt say anything and walked inside our apartment. My ex felt bad and asked if we could invite her in. Of course i said yes, even though she was still a stranger but she did look like she needed some help and good people to be around. When they walked in, I immediately offered a hug and a drink. I said we had some wine but she wanted bourbon. So i gave her some.

She told us that her husband was never home, he was at all times out with his friends. She said she wasnt worried about him cheating cause he is a terribly shy person and couldnt flirt at all. But she wondered that he wanted to cheat in her.

Hours later and many more drinks, we got to asking her about her sex life. She hesitated for a second and said she hadnt sex in years. A tear fell down her face. My ex looked at me and i could tell he felt so bad for her. I was seated next to her and i put my arm around her and lifter her face to meet her sad gaze. I looked at her and said “ we can change that”. I went in for a kiss. And it was met quicker than I anticipated. We both dropped our drinks and we fell back into the couch. I dont want reached the ground first, us or our glasses. Our liquor flavored kisses intensified with every meeting and our hands crept closer towards each others faces.

After minutes of vigorous kissing she stopped and started to look away. I wondered she was regretting our kisses but when i looked to where she gawked at, i saw that she was looking at my ex with his large cock in his hand. I wondered she was gonna drool on my face. She leapt off me and crawled on all fours towards him. She gripped his cock with both hands and without a glimpse of regret or wondered she licked his shaft from the bottom to the tip where she engulfed the entirety. There was no slow playing this for her. Immediately she was deep throating him and he retaliated with face fucking her gorgeous mouth.

Seeing my boyfriend groan and moan with pleasure excited me more than I wondered it would. I sat up and started to play with my self. I was so wet that i needed to taste my own juices. Now feeling left out i got up and walked to them. I gave her a playful slap on the ass and kissed my boyfriend. He pulled me up to sit on his face. I could feel him wanting to moan from his blowjob but my pussy muffled his cries of pleasure.

Next thing i feel is another tongue. This one in my ass. Two tongues in my holes was exhilarating. I could almost fee them touching inside of me. Both of them pressed against my walls.

I sat up and said “ i want you to fuck her”. He sat up quickly and with no motion of disagreement. Nor did she complain. She stopped rimming for a moment while she forced her pussy onto his hard cock. The saliva still dripping from her mouth was wiped away to be wiped onto his dick.

I knew the moment he was inside of her when she slapped my back with both hands. As if she never had experienced that big of a dick before. She dug her nails into me to take the fucking. It didnt take many strokes of his large cock to drill inside of her before she was gripping me hard, bracing herself for a years worth of cum. Her screams were indication enough that she needed to be fucked. Her body leaned against mine and she started to shake. Her Full body convulsions letting me know she was nearing her orgasm. With a yell of excitement and ceasing of her movements we all knew she had came harder than she ever had before.

Her nails making marks along my back she leaned down to resume licking my tight asshole. My boyfriend kissed my pussy to let me know he was still there. Before i know it all of us are being unbelievably pleasured.

I could feel each pump into her as her tongue would jump up to the small of my back. I could hear him groaning and i knew he was gonna cum but i didnt let him come up for air to tell her so she could feel his hot cum inside of her. I felt his tongue subdue and i knew he was done with one final hard stroke. I climbed down off of his face, she off his dick, and we started to suck his cum soaked cock.

“You arent done yet, you still need to fuck her” she said to my boyfriend.

Not letting himself get soft after him ejaculation, he picked me up and wrapped his arms under my legs and slammed me against the wall and inserted himself into my soaking pussy. She went underneath him and started to suck on his balls. My pussy juices dripping down from me and onto his balls while she slobbers on them. The combo of him in me and her giving him a blessing of a balljob, he didnt last long. He dropped me and shoved his dick into my mouth and immediately shot hot ropes into the back of my throat. Thats when she came over to me and started to kiss me and used to her tongue to play with the cum inside of my own mouth.

This was the best threesome i have ever had.

We fucked many more times after this. And i have many more stories of how crazy she is and how we wrecked their marriage!!

NSFW: yes

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