F 43. My son and I have a casual sexual relationship and a strong mother-son relationship along with it.


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He is 20, and this started between my son and myself some time ago when he moved back in with me. He’d be sitting on the couch or laying in bed, and I would go up to him and sit on his lap, facing him or facing away, and take his cock in me, and either I ride him or he’ll sometimes pick me up and fuck me by himself, and we’d make out during this, and he is allowed to play with my ass and tits. And after the sex and the creampie I get off him and carry on with my day as usual.

It is more of a don’t ask, don’t say thing that we have between us. Neither of us make a big deal about it, nor do we bring this topic into our daily conversations, and we have a normal and ordinary mother son relationship, even though we now have sex almost on a daily basis and don’t get extra touchier during sex. Aside from vaginal sex, we have had anal sex a few times in the same positions.

It started last year. We all the time had an open communication and I ended up telling him about my sex life, or the lack of it to be fair. And that led to him being touchier with me during hugs and he started kissing me lightly. I felt comfortable with this situation with him and we talked again and decided to give it a go and we had sex. Without any guilt or regret, we were able to continue a ordinary relationship and life. So we decided to keep it going on for as long as it can go on.

NSFW: yes

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