F 36. I am an Indian policewoman who has sex with her fellow policemen including her subordinates.

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NSFW: yes

I am a policewoman. From India, in the rank of inspector. As the heading says, I have sex with my fellow policemen. Seniors, peers and juniors as well.

All this started when I joined police eight years ago and I was put under a senior for probation after training. He was flirty with me since day one, despite the fact that I am married. He was touchy with me and eventually, managed to sleep with me. Then he passed me around amongst his peers. By that time this turned into a ‘ordinary’ for me and I started having sex with my peers and lower ranks for personal pleasure as my husband works in abroad. Talking with other women in the force, I learnt that I wasn’t the lone case.

Over the course of time I had sex with many policemen with whom I’ve worked with. My best times would be during both pregnancies. During pregnancy and post pregnancy. As of now, I’ve got station duty for the past one and half years and I am second in command of my station.

Sex mostly happens in the station or in their living quarters when I go there. We have a changing room in the station and although I am given a separate room for myself as the lone woman in here, I change in the mens room and that’s where we have sex the most, followed by the old store room behind the station. And rarely in our vehicle during night beats and in hotel rooms when we travel for association meetings.

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