F 31. The story about how my 19 years old neighbour fucked me and once in front of my husband.

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NSFW: yes

This one is about my affair with a guy who used to be our immediate neighbour. He was 19 and my husband and I were good business with his parents and him. What that meant was that his parents cared for me when my husband used to travel and used to send him over to help me with the chores and general stuffs. He’d accompany me for morning walks, to shopping, carried the grocery bags for me, helped me with house chores and kept me business when I was alone.

Given the comfort level that we had between us, I dressed casually around him like loose low cut tops, skipped bras, short skirts according to the weather and such and I didn’t minded showing off myself when we interacted and often during when we playfully wrestled I was on top of him giving him a full view of my bare tits. And one such day when we were wrestling in my bed, my tit popped out of my top and he stopped and took his hands off me and I played it casual and put it in and asked him haven’t he seen apne before and he paused and then nodded as a no. That’s when I decided to get naughty and took my top off with the pretext of getting him “familiarised”. I went up to him close and had his hands over my tits and let him feel me up. Then I told him that it’s unfair that only I am topless so he took his shirt off and since then we wrestled topless. At that night I called my husband to tell him that I’ll be sitting on a new cock soon.

Our topless wrestling got more sensual as his hands now travelled down south my body towards my ass. I grinded against his crotch as he grabbed my ass and I’ll give him gentle pecks on his lips. And in front of his parents we behaved normally. And we fucked the first time when he was over for the night stay with me and I had him cum inside me. We had sex teo more times that night and it continued for three years. We started off as gentle sex which eventually turned into rough sex as he started pulling my hair, slapped my tits, pinched and bit my nipples, spanked my ass hard and gave me rough anal.

One of the best incidents of this time would be when he was over when my husband was home. He said hi to my husband and walked into the kitchen to me and had me on my knees and grabbed my hair to face fuck me in front of my husband. Then bent me over the kitchen table and fucked and filled me up. Stayed for lunch and had lunch with us and then took me to the bedroom and had me ride him first as I made eye contact with my husband who was standing by the door and watching us. Then he pulled out and bent my legs upto my shoulders and fucked me hard and I saw him looking at my husband at times and passing smiles. He filled me up again and then made me suck him clean and then left. And my husband seemed so amazed and told me “that was so hot”. But yeah, it was fun three years when I got fucked almost on a daily basis.

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