[F] [27] My First Time Gonna a Nudist Beach

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying your summer.

Gonna a nudist beach was an idea that had been in my mind for many summers, but as I have told in previous posts, being in a traditional couple it was not an option. But as I am single now, I decided to give it a try last week. I read a lot online, researched the best one to go and made a decision. I went kinda late so it wouldn’t be too crowded. There was still some people there, but not too many. I was nervous as hell when driving there. I had never exposed my body publicly before (not even exposed it to too many people in private lol).

I arrived there, sat in a spot that wasn’t too close from anyone and started undressing. Taking the top of my bikini off was surprisingly easy, but the bottom… damn that was difficult, but I did it too. I was there laying fully naked in my towel, taking a look around to the few people still in the beach, mostly older British tourists tbh. Most of them left soon after I arrived. I went skinny dipping for the first time and wow, that was an experience.

When I went back to my towel I realised a man had set his towel near me. He was in his thirties and to be honest, he was fit. I was trying not to be too obvious while looking at him, but I was certainly attracted to what I was seeing. His penis though was out of my view as he was covering it with the book he was reading. At one point he moved the book and I looked at it, but he clearly caught me lol. As he realised I was looking at his penis he looked at me and started laughing. I apologised and he said it was ok. We chatted for a while about it being my first time in a nudist beach. The conversation turned into flirting quickly and he asked me if I was interested in beach sex. I obviosly said no, as there were some people still around, but he pointed out at some dunes and explained that nobody would see us there.

We walked there, I set my towel and laid down extremely nervous. He then kissed me passionately and I started relaxing. He kissed my body down until my pussy and kissed it for a while before penetration. It was sweaty and dirty sex, but I cannot lie… I loved every second of it. At one point I realised an old man in the dunes looking at us with his dick in his hand. I was very ashamed, but not eager to stop the fun, so I covered my face with my lover’s head and kept enjoying. Cannot wait to visit another nudist beach soon!

Ps: I have created a IG account for you guys not to need to imagine how I look anymore. Don’t expect nudes or anything, but feel free to follow me on @/KellyGameMaster.

NSFW: yes

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