F (24) My neighbour became my daddy – Short Sex Story

I love to dress up feminine and sexy. In other words I love to wear very high heels, stockings, gartnerbelts, short skirts, push up bra’s, bodysuits etc. Just because I feel very feminine and sexy in it. I also love the attention I get when I send some sexy snapchats. However I never wore the very sexy stuff outside. I walk around in block heels and nylons and dresses but that is about it.
So one day I when I can back from clubbing a bit tipsy and drugged up. I felt naught so I decided to wear my highest stilleto heels (15cm) and stockings outside and walk like that through my apartment building hoping no one would see me. I also wondered it was an good idea to wear a buttplug to make it even more daring. Like who is awake at 5am in the night.. But I was so wrong.. I was walking downstairs about to take the elevator when I heard a door open. It was one of my neighbours! Mark a 6’3 feet tall, create like a tank was standing in front of his apartment. He was looking at me from my heels all the way up into my eyes. “Hi Luna” he said. I replied “Goodnight Mark” and felt so embarrassed and continued to walk to the elevator.
So I stepped in the elevator and suddenly he also stepped in.. We went up in the building and in the mirror I saw a gigantic bulge inside his pants. He saw that I looked at his bulge and asked “Do you like what you see”? I replied “Yes I do like it, but I am just going to sleep”. Remember I was standing there in black stiletto heels, stocking, a gartner belt and a white lacy crop top only. The elevator was still going up, because I live at the 12th floor. Then suddenly he moved in and started touching me. He grabbed my hips from the front and started kissing me in my neck. I screamed “Mark, what the F are you doing”. He grabbed my throat and said: “You are dressed like a fuckdoll, so you are going to be one. So Shut up”. He turned me around dropped his pants and pushed my thong to the side. Then he saw my buttplug and he became wild. He took the plug out and put it in my mouth and started fucking me as if his life depended on it. It hurt so badly because his dick was so big and thick. At one moment he pushed all his 10 inches inside me. I was facing the mirror and saw the sheer pleasure on his face. He was fucking me so hard standing doggy and nothing I could do.. He weighs like 220lbs and is 6’3 and I am just a tiny thing of 5’6 and 120lbs.. In my heels I was just the perfect height for him to fuck standing doggy against the mirror. I was just thinking just get it over with while at the meantime I was really starting to enjoy his huge cock. Just when I started to relax he came right in my ass. It was quite a big load, because I could feel the pressure of the hot cum inside me. He moaned and said “Yes Luna you are such a dirty little slut”. Then he pulled his dick out of my ass, pulled the plug out of my mouth and put it right back in my ass so his cum stayed inside. The elevator already arrived at my floor so he slapped my ass gave me a kiss and said. Next time when you have these naughty plans you ring the doorbell.
I walked out of the elevator weak on my legs because of how hard he fucked me and went straight home not sure how to feel about all of this. He was handsome and his cock was so nice and big, but on the other hand he raped me in the elevator. Few days went by and the only thing that I could think of was his big cock and muscular fit body. I wanted to tast his cock so badly.. So one night I put a sexy outfit on again (a very short little black dress and overknee boots) and went to his door. I rang the doorbell and he opened his door naked only covered by a towel. He let me in dropped his towel and I instantly fell on my knees and started sucking his cock. It took me no time to finish him and make him shoot a nice big load in my mouth. I swallowed it walked out of the door and went back home. I was still horny so I started to play with my toys when I received the message “ready for a second round”. That was the day that my neighbour became my daddy.

NSFW: yes

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