Eyefucked by coworkers

I have a relatively open relation with my girlfriend. I met her on a roadtrip I took with some other friends up to Acadia and met her in a hibachi restraunt in Boston. Anyway, the two of us hit it off together, and through much intervention from my friends might I add, eventually got together.

She’s a lesbian but I found out rather early on in our relation that she enjoys watching her partners being fucked by or generaly being slutty with guys. This was a bit much for me, even though I’m bi I feel a bit weird being with more than one person at a time.

She was super understanding about this and didn’t want to make me uncomfortable but I decided to say fuck it and try.

The first time was with a friend of hers and wasn’t anything that special, however after the friend left she seemed riled up and we had sex that I will say was super memorable.

This went on and on for a while, I started enjoying it more and more, fucking guys we both met until my girlfriend said I should begin sending pictures to people I know and tell her there reactions.

I was a bit unsure about this but eventually agreed. Her first suggestion was the head waiter where I work. I was a little uncomfortable with this, given I worked under him, but he had made it clear he was attracted to me various times and seemed disappointed each time I turned him down.

So sending him a picture of me in an unbuttoned blouse was a bit more nerve racking than I wanted it to be but I did it and the next day I worked he greeted me with a smirk but otherwise acted like nothing was the matter. Some of my coworkers however would continue checking me out and one of my coworkers there who I was close with asked it I slept well that weekend.

NSFW: yes

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