Extraordinarily Typical – Part 9

Leo huffed, rubbing strained eyes with his fingertips as he looked up from his laptop screen. The benefit of gonna college year-round was that he would graduate at the same time Bella did. The downside was that there was no downtime when it came to assignments. Their love life had developed and even flourished around the time he spent doing coursework. But this? This was slow, painful torture.

It’s not that Leo was bad at math, specifically quantitative analysis. However, for this course, it was that it was just tedious work. School algebra has been a breeze. In this class, every issue he worked out felt like it took hours when in reality, it was maybe thirty minutes. Regardless, it was taking up significantly more time to complete the assignments than any other advanced math class he had been through. It was time away from Bella. Time away from holding her, kissing her, and enjoying her touch. Every ounce of him wanted to get off the laptop and curl up on the couch with her and watch a movie, but these assignments weren’t gonna do themselves.

Bella has been understanding and supportive, making dinner, helping with laundry, and she generally spent the better part of that week freeing up his time to focus on the class work. It didn’t leave them much time for intimacy, but at least Leo had found the time to install their new stripper pole in the bedroom. Despite her wrist still being in a brace, Bella had spent her downtime watching videos and learning how to do tricks on the pole… all for Leo. As he stared at the laptop screen and prepared to dive back into his work, a gentle pair of hands squeezed his shoulders. Thumbs dig deep into aching neck muscles as fingers press into tense shoulder muscles.

…And he just melted in her hands.

Bella’s magic fingers took their time working away hours of frustration and the tension from his shoulders all the way to the back of his skull. Her fingers crept along, and he felt her thumbs pressing into his neck, paying special attention to the muscles where the spine meets the skull. Grabbing her hand, he kissed it and pressed it to his cheek.

“How’s the math coming along?” she kissed his cheek, resting her head on his shoulder.

With a long, exhilarated sigh, he groaned, “Slowly. I’m grasping the concepts, but it just takes forever. For every question I get right, there are at least five before it that I am just struggling through. I’m just ready to be over this shit already. I pushed this class off as long as possible because of the well-warranted horror stories I’ve heard about. But, I’ve reached the point where I can’t put it off any longer. I feel bad because I’ve got no time to do anything around here, and I am putting a lot on you. It frustrates me because I want to spend time with you. I want to fly through these assignments and curl up on the couch with you, but I can’t because it takes me forever just to get one problem done. I’m sorry, Babe, I am really trying here.”

“SSSssshhhh,” she hushed him softly as her fingers teased his scalp above his ears, “You don’t need to apologize. I am happy to help out around here. It makes me feel like I am earning my keep and contributing to this relationship. Besides, you got to take care of me for a couple of weeks, now it is my turn to return the favor. Would you like a beer?”

Leo nodded his head as he rubbed his eyes again.

She spun him around in his desk chair and kissed him, “I’ll be right back then.”

His eyes combing back into focus, he watched as Bella walked into the kitchen and realized the only thing she was wearing was a lacy g-string pair of panties. Her ass swayed from side to side and practically hypnotized him. As she retrieved a beer from the fridge and opened it, he watched her walk back. Pink nipples swayed with her breasts as she walked, her hips rolling with every step, and the outline of her mound pressing hard into the fabric of the tiny triangle that was just barely enough to cover her pussy.

“You gotta stop wearing those around the apartment,” he shook his head, his cock already stirring from just looking at her.

Bella tugged one of the strings halfway down her thigh, revealing her freshly shaven mound for a brief second. She was teasing him, and he knew it… not that he had any intentions of complaining.

“I thought you liked these panties on me?” Bella smiled at him brightly as she blushed a little.

“I do,” his eyes followed her hands as she manipulated the fabric, giving Leo just a little peek here and there, “I like them a lot, which is part of the problem. I also like them off of you just as much.”

Bella glanced down at the growing mass under the fabric of his shorts and bit her bottom lip. Before she could react, he turned around in the chair again and stared into the mathematical mess on his screen. Just looking at the issue in front of him made his eyes hurt.

“Sounds to me like you need a study break,” she spoke softly into his ear.

Leo picked up his pencil and continued to work on the equation he had been working on, “You’re probably right, but I’ll just finish the problem first.”

Her hand covered his mouth with… something. Something that smelled like her. Something that made his cock twitch with excitement as he smelled it. The panties were soaked, and the aroma of her desperate lust was undeniable.

“No, Leo. NOW…” Bella’s tone did not leave any room for argument.

Turning in the chair, she dangled her panties in front of him, holding out her hand as his eyes soaked in every inch of her blond-haired, blue-eyed naked beauty. She grasped his hand and pulled him out of the chair, guiding him towards the bedroom. Leo didn’t make a peep, his eyes glancing down towards her swaying ass as the pink folds of her mound peeked out from between her thighs. She looked over her shoulder at him, blushing slightly as she caught him staring at her ass. She loved the way he looked at her, especially when she was naked. His eyes at all times had a hunger to them when he stared at her naked, a hunger she was all too happy to satisfy for him. The bedroom was awash with a red glow from the lamp in the corner next to the bed as pop music played softly from her phone. Stopping just shy of the bed, she pulled his shirt off and tossed it in the hamper. Her thumbs hooked the waistband of his shorts and boxers, shoving them to the ground, where she kicked them towards the hamper before smiling up at him. Bending over, she sucked the tip of his cock, sampling the salty taste of his pre-cum as he spread across her tongue. Standing up, she looked into his eyes as her fingers stroked him softly. His cock was plenty pleased, but his expression was blank. The math assignments had taken a toll on him, and she could read on his face that he was just spent mentally. Tonight was gonna require something different… something special. Lucky for Leo, she had something very special indeed planned for him tonight…

With a devious grin, Bella leaned in, feeling the heat of his bare chest on her hardening nipples as her lips pressed softly against his. His fingers traced along her hips to the small of her back. With a yelp, Leo flew back onto the bed as Bella shoved him with all her tiny might could muster. Even before he finished bouncing on the bed, she was on top of him, her wet folds teasing his cock as her excitement and smile grew larger with every breath. Leaning over, she pulled open a drawer, retrieving a pair of handcuffs that she now dangled from one finger in front of him.

“I was kind of hoping you would wear these tonight. I know they were bought for me, but I was hoping that just this once, you would…”

Leo interrupted her, “Sure! Anything for you, Babe. I honestly figured it was a matter of time before you asked me to wear these anyways.”

Bella’s eyes went wide, “Oh… umm… Well then, that was easier than I expected.”

“I trust you,” he beamed a smile at her as she secured his hands to the headboard with the metallic click of the cuffs echoing through the room.

“Good, because there’s more than just the handcuffs.”

Before Leo could react, Bella stuffed her lust-soaked panties into his mouth. Hopping off the bed, she disappeared into the hallway for a moment. Reappearing, she used her teeth to tear off a roughly six-inch section of duct tape.

“Waff fif faph for?” Leo tried to speak, forgetting for a moment that her panties filled his mouth.

Climbing back on top of him, she pressed the duct tape to his lips, kissed him softly on the forehead, and then dismounted him.

“I want you to watch and enjoy. No words, no touching. I want your eyes to speak for you,” Bella reached for the stripper pole and paused for a moment, “This is your once chance. If you’re not okay with this, nod your head.”

For a moment, Leo considered her words. The handcuffs weren’t a big deal. He was rather enjoying her confidence and authority. It was a different chance of pace from their typical bedroom routine. However, he was a little out of his comfort zone with the panties and the duct tape, considering he’s usually pretty vocal during sex. Alas, he accepted the conditions she had given him, nodding his head up and down. He was uncomfortable, but it was more it was just something new that the act bothering him.

“Good,” Bella tapped her phone as Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ started to play through the Bluetooth speaker on her side of the bed.

Leo chuckled to himself as the music started to play, amused at her choice of song. His amusement didn’t last long as Bella jumped on the pole and started to dance for him. Much to his amazement, she was quite good. This was clearly something she had been practicing while he was distracted with coursework. Locking her legs around the pole, she leaned back as she spun slowly, her breasts bare and inviting as her hair cascaded almost down to the floor. In a flurry of movements, she was back on her feet, locking a leg around the pole as her exposed mound was on full display for him. Pulling herself up on the pole, she held herself suspended only by her arms as she spread her legs wide for him, bending her knees not to kick the wall by accident. As hot as it was to watch her, he could see the pain on her face, an indication that she was pushing herself too hard with her wrists. He tried to speak again to tell her to stop before she hurt herself, only to remember she had made that impossible. A few poses later, she dropped off the stripper pole and climbed over him. Her motions mimicked that of a hungry cat on the prowl as she turned around. She proceeded into a slow, sensual lap dance using her soaked mound. Her hair flicked back as she looked back at him. Bella could feel his cock twitching beneath her, the heat pressing against her clit as she rolled and rotated her hips. Even though the panties and duct tape, his moans of pleasure were unmistakable as her fingers teased and played with his balls. She loved the control. She loved that he let her do everything she wanted to him. It was empowering. She was giving him quite the lapdance as she felt his thigh shake against hers, a tell-tale sign that he was on edge and about to cum.

Lifting herself off, she turned, kissing up and down his neck, “Not yet, Baby. I’m not done having my fun yet.”

Bella watched as his chest rose and fell rapidly. She felt his heart pound against her palm as she waited for his nod to continue. A satisfied smile filled her expression as she realized how worked up she really had him. Just the touch of her lips on the base of his cock made him twitch with pleasure in all the right methods. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and stroked him slowly, softly, using the slickness of her own excitement to tease him while kissing and sucking on his neck. The sounds of his moans, the twitch of his cock in her hand, the way he squirmed from the touch of her lips, the look of absolute pleasure in his eyes, she drank it all in. Never had she had so much control of a man in the bedroom. Never had she had so much freedom to explore her sexual curiosities. Never had she been with a man like Leo. It was intoxicating, and she thirsted for more. More sex, more of his touch, more of his cum, more of him.

Leo’s leg started to shake again as he closed his eyes. Bella listened for the telltale sound of a deep breath he at all times took right before cumming, and then released his cock from her grasp. He breathed deeply, loudly through his nose, his chest rising and falling as he came down from the rush of another near climax. She watched his eyes open as he looked at her with frustration and anticipation. Twice now she’d denied him the ability to cum, and all she could do was giggle at him, and try to buy more time for…

A knock at the door echoed through the apartment to the bedroom. Right on time, she wondered to herself.

“Who could that be?” Bella stood off the bed, a coy, mischievous smile on her face, “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

Before Leo could even relax long enough to bring his heart rate back down, Bella emerged back into the bedroom with Jenna in tow.

“Aww! You two started without me?” Jenna protested as she stared right at Leo.

“Yeah, sorry,” Bella glanced back at him, “He was really having a rough time. I had to get him away from the schoolwork for a little bit.”

“Well then,” Jenna’s hands wrapped around Bella’s back, “Guess we should make up for lost them then?”

“Indeed,” Bella replied cheerfully as she leaned in and kissed Jenna.

Leo sat back and watched as his girlfriend and Jenna embraced one another, their lips never separating, but their hands slowly explored one another. And yet, he wasn’t sure how he felt about it. Bella’s fingers traced along the spaghetti straps of Jenna’s dress, pressing them down her shoulders. The fabric dropped down to their hips as he watched their tongues dance in and out of each other’s mouths. Both of them moaned softly as their fingers teased the other’s nipples. The dress dropped to the floor, revealing Jenna’s bare mound as Bella pulled them onto the bed next to him. Jenna moaned softly, Bella’s braced hand around Jenna’s neck as her other hand disappeared between their thighs. Jenna locked her legs around Bella, pulling her closer as they kissed deeply. Fingernails ran across Bella’s back as Jenna’s back arched, their lips finally separating as she released a chin-quivering moan.

“Don’t… don’t stop,” Jenna pleaded, her arms grasping for anything and finding Leo’s arm to hang onto, “Fu… don’t… I’m so close…”

Jenna’s head pressed into the bed as her hand squeezed his arm tightly. Her head turned from side to side as her voice broke. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as her whole body went tense for several moments, broken only by a sudden gasp for air. Before Jenna could even recover, Bella shoved her knees up to her chest. Jenna gasped loudly as Leo watched his girlfriend’s face disappear between Jenna’s thighs. Fingernails pressed into his arm as he watched Jenna twitch with pleasure repeatedly, listening to the wet, gushing sounds Bella was making. On the one hand, he was pissed Bella didn’t talk to him about this or give him any sort of warning. On the other hand, watching his girlfriend utterly dominate another woman made him harder than he’d been in years.

“Holy shhheeeeet, Bella! I thought you said you’ve never don’t this before!” Jenna finally managed to discover the breath to speak, “I’ve been here five minutes and already about to have a second orgasm!”

Bella said nothing, and continued to work her magic with her mouth and fingers on Jenna. Leo watched as Jenna bit down hard on her bottom lip, her legs wrapping around Bella’s head as her hips squirmed. Releasing his arm, Jenna grasped onto Bella’s hair and pulled as she screamed through her second orgasm.

Proud of herself, judging by the lust-smeared smile on her face, Bella sat up and looked at Leo, “What can I say, I had a good teacher. If you think that was good, just wait until Leo does it to you.”

“Speaking of Leo,” Jenna looked over at him and down at his cock, “Look at how stiff he is. If didn’t know any better, I’d say he was enjoying our little girl-on-girl experimentation.”

Bella met his gaze and the smile immediately fell from her face, “No, I know that look in his eyes. He’s pissed.”

“His dick says otherwise!”

“His dick might say otherwise, but he is not happy with me right now,” Bella gave him an apologetic smile, “Babe, I know I should have said something. You’ve given me free rein to explore myself and my sexuality, and I love you all the more for it. I’ve watched you struggle the past couple of weeks, and I wanted to do something special for you tonight. Neither Jenna nor I have ever really had an experience with another woman, and I’ll admit I was a bit curious. Truthfully, I don’t hate it, but I still prefer your dick any day of the week.”

“I didn’t hate it either,” Jenna brushed his arm with her fingers, “And it was actually kinda hot having you watch, too.”

Bella felt a knot in her throat as she watched Leo, “You hate me right now, don’t you?”

As Leo looked at Bella, watching Jenna’s hands touch her, he finally looked up and met his girlfriend’s gaze upon him. Her expression told him everything he needed to know, and he knew deep down that she genuinely felt bad about what had happened. He tilted his head at her, trying to smile before remembering the duct tape, and then shook his head side to side.

“You sure?” Bella put her hand on his thigh and squeezed reassuringly.

Leo nodded his head up and down.

“Bella,” Jenna rolled into her stomach, her chin resting on his leg as her fingers started to stroke him, “Now might be a good time to give him the full disclosure of what we have planned for this weekend.”

“Okay, because I love you and I feel helpless watching you struggle with that class, Jenna and I have made an arrangement,” she said slowly, giving it a moment to sink in, “Jenna hasn’t been laid since she and Lewis hooked up before school broke for the summer. She and I have both been curious about having sex with another woman. But, at the same time, I may have been talking up how great it feels when you cum in me, and she is also curious about that. So, if you’re okay with it, ,Jenna is going to have with me, or you, or both of us whenever she wants to this weekend. In exchange, she will stay with us for the next week, sleep in the bed with us and everything, and tutor you in quantitative analysis. And before you say anything, she got a 99 in the class when she took it two terms ago.”

Leo’s eyebrow went up as he looked at Jenna in surprise.

“Hey, I’m smarter than I look. I just don’t like to rub it in peoples’ faces.”

“Sooooo…” Bella asked tentatively, “Are you okay with this?”

Leo considered for a moment. He desperately wanted to ask her how she felt about him cumming inside of her best friend. He wanted to tell her that none of this was necessary. He loved Bella, with all of his heart, but yet he felt guilty for wanting to agree to it.

“Before you beat yourself up about fucking another woman,” Bella held up a finger, “I’ll remind you that you let your friend fuck my ass. It’s only fair that I let you fuck one of my friends. Besides, Jenna brought a strap-on on the way over here. I was kinda looking forward to riding her while she wears it while you’re fucking my ass.”

Even if he’d wanted to say no, the involuntary twitch of his cock betrayed him.

Bella and Jenna giggled, “So, is that a yes?”

Leo nodded his head up and down.

“YES!” Jenna bounced with excitement as she straddled him, “You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to feeling your dick inside me again. Bella’s been telling me about your sex life and making me super jealous… the bitch.”

“Hey!” Bella protested as she took hold of her boyfriend’s cock and guided it to her friend’s opening.

“Bitch! I haven’t been laid in over a month! I’m allowed to be edgy right…” Jenna’s chin quivered as Leo felt her stretch around his girth, “MMMmmmm… fuck I forgot how thick he was. I’m jealous you get to feel this stretched out all the time.”

Bella knelt behind her friend, her fingers tracing down Jenna’s stomach. Her fingers teased and played with Jenna’s clit as her lips sucked and kissed her neck.

“Just wait until you feel the power and pressure of him pumping you full of a nice, thick load deep inside of you,” Bella teased Jenna’s nipples as her hips rose and fell up and down his length, “Wait until you feel the heat of his seed filling your insides like a warm blanket. I guarentee you won’t feel any shame about being a dirty little cumslut after you enjoy it for the first time. We haven’t fucked into almost four days, and I’ve denied him a climax twice already tonight, so he is absolutely going to flood your tight little pussy, Jenna.”

“Fuck,” Jenna moaned deeply as she grabbed Bella’s hair, pulling her deeper into her neck, as she bounced on him faster, “He’s gonna make me have another orgasm before that happens!”

Bella continued as Jenna started to bite her bottom lip, “Just wait until he has you bent over on all fours as his dick fills every inch of your ass while my tongue is tasting every last drop of your sweet little pussy. If you want a sex-filled weekend, you’re going to get one. Leo is going to have to carry you from room to room because you won’t be able to walk when we are finished with you.”

Jenna’s fingernails raked across his stomach as she lost her voice and stopped riding him as her orgasm shuddered through her. Bella slapped her ass, hard, causing Jenna to yelp in surprise.

“I don’t care if you’re having an orgasm! You keep riding my man’s dick until you’ve drained every last drop out of him!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Jenna moaned out.

“If you’re a good little cumslut, I’ll let you taste it,” Bella squeezed Jenna’s nipple, “I already know you like to swallow. You want to taste my man’s cum, don’t you?”

“I do!”

“Beg for it then.”

This was a side of Bella Leo had never seen before, and he loved it. The confidence, the control, the dominance she had over Jenna was invigorating. Jenna was usually so outgoing and loud in public compared to the quaint and quiet Bella. It was as if, in the bedroom, the tables had been flipped.

“Please, I want to taste Leo’s cum!”

“I’m not convinced,” Bella spanked Jenna again, “Say it like you mean it!”

“Please, Bella! I want to taste Leo’s cum! I want to spend the weekend on my knees, letting him pump me full in every hole, whenever he wants! I want to be a desperate little cumslut too!”

Leo closed his eyes as he felt a familiar pressure building up in his groin. Jenna’s pussy was squeezing the life out of him, gripping every inch as he slipped in and out of her. He flexed his cock in an attempt to delay the flood just a bit longer and enjoy the moment.

“Ah, the moment you’ve been waiting for,” Bella watched her boyfriend as she guided Jenna’s hips up and down, “You feel his leg shaking? That his tell that he’s about to cum. When you feel him swell up, you press all of your weight down on his hips, and you take him as deep as you can, do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Jenna moaned out.

No sooner than she finished responding, Jenna felt Leo swell inside of her, growing hard as a rock for a brief moment. Just as she had been told, she took him all the way inside of her. With a gasp she felt him explode inside of her, listening to his groan of pleasure.

“Fuck,” Jenna pulled at Bella’s neck, “He’s pushing on my cervix! I can feel every drop crashing against it. Such power in every twitch of his dick, every surge of cum he pumps inside of me… fuck… I want more… I need more…”

“And you’ll get more,” Bella assured her, “But right now, you need to be a good girl and squeeze your pussy around him and use it to get every last drop out of him. A good cumslut leaves her man completely empty. Don’t spill any, though! A good girl never wastes a drop of her man’s seed.”

Bella watched and felt Leo squirm beneath her as he pulled against the handcuffs. She knew by the look on his face that he was in his hypersensitive state after cumming, and that Jenna’s pussy was driving him wild right now. Finally, satisfied he was drained of every last drop, Jenna rested on top of him, his cock deep inside her. Looking back at Bella, she smiled and gave her best friend a kiss.

“That…” Jenna spoke breathlessly, “Was incredible.”

“MMMhmmm,” Bella rubbed the side of Leo’s thigh, “Just wait until he finds out you’re not on birth control, and he probably just put a baby inside of you.”

Panic. That is the only word that can be used to describe what Leo felt in a moment. One moment he is resting after his climax and pumping his load deep into Jenna, the next, he is bucking like a bronco trying to get both of the girls off of him. In the midst of his struggle, both of the girls begin laughing.

“BABE! Babe!” Bella shouted, “Chill! I’m kidding! I’m kidding! She’s got an IUD in! I might be okay with you cumming inside of her, but I am not okay with you knocking up another woman, even if she is my best friend!”

Leo relaxed, shooting Bella a pissed-off glare. Of course, all she does is giggle about it.

“On last thing, Jenna,” Bella rolled onto the bed beside him, “Before we are finished, a good cumslut cleans our man’s dick with our mouth. That way, when we want more later, he is fresh and ready to go for us to claim another load again.”

Leo moaned out as Jenna’s mouth took his whole length into her throat. Shamelessly, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as she sucked hard, feeling the pressure of her lips as they worked up and down his shaft. With a loud pop, Jenna sat up, using her finger to shove some of the creamy mess they’d created together into her mouth.

“So now what?” Jenna asked, “Do I go in the bathroom and clean up?”

“Why would you do that?”

“Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Go sit on the toilet and let it drip out?”

Bella shook her head, “Sure, if you’re not a cumslut and don’t appreciate your reward. Or you put on a pair of panties and enjoy the feeling of the mess between your thighs.”

Jenna’s eyes went wide for a moment, “Fuck, that’s what I forgot to pack! SHIT! I bet the panties I had laid out are still on my dresser at home!”

“So you don’t have any panties at all?”

Jenna shook her head, “Nope.”

“Not a problem! Just means you’re going to spend the weekend completely naked with me, and Leo will have easy access to both of us,” Bella bounced with excitement, tapping Jenna’s arm, “Ooh! Bonus! While you’re tutoring him here in a few minutes, I can be enjoying a nice cum-flavored snack! I bet you two taste amazing together.”

Leo tried to speak again, groaning at the duct tape as it pulled on his lips.

“Oh, shit, sorry!” Bella apologized as she released the cuffs and removed the duct tape.

Pulled her panties out of his mouth, he tossed them across the room to land near the hamper. In a blink he was on top of Bella, pinning her arms above her head.

With a growl, he stared into her eyes, “You still owe me two climaxes. If you think I am going to leave this room without filling you like Twinkie, you’ve got another thing coming. Now Jenna is going to sit on your face while you enjoy her cream filling, and then I am going to give you your cream filling at the same time. And I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Bella biting her bottom lip as she smiled was all the answer he needed.

“Remember girls,” Bella moaned loudly as Leo slipped inside of her, “Sharing is caring.”

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