Extra Credit Part Two

“Just so that we are clear on what we are getting into, I want you to state the reason you need to be punished and ask me for your punishment,” Professor Brown said.

Melissa’s eyes darted around the room. She knew this was her last chance to back out. But really, wasn’t this the easy way out? 30 spankings didn’t seem like that many and she wouldn’t have to stay up late to complete any make-up work. Hell, maybe she’d end up wishing this type of deal was offered to her more often. “Sir, I was thirty minutes late to class on May 3rd. Please will you spank me thirty times to make up for my tardiness?”

“Very well,” Professor Brown said. “I’d like you to stand up and lean over my desk. You can put your hands flat on the desk or grab onto the far end. It’s up to you. You must count the spanks however. If you stop counting, we will start over.” Melissa began to get into position, still not quite believing that this was happening. She leaned forward on the desk and put her hands flat. She wondered holding onto something might help but it just felt too sexual to lean that far over. “The first fifteen spanks will be with my hand,” Professor Brown continued, “and the final fifteen will be with a paddle. Do you understand?”

Of course the paddle came into this. Melissa rolled her eyes again at the wondered but managed to respond, “yes sir.”

“Ok then, let’s begin,” Professor Brown said. Melissa felt one of his hands on her left shoulder as the other gently rubbed each of her ass cheeks. Melissa could feel her heart pounding. This was really happening.. She was really about to receive a spanking in exchange for a grade. The warmth of Professor Brown’s hand as he brushed each of her ass checks sent shivers up her spine and made her heart beat even faster. Her mind was racing when all of a sudden, *SMACK* She took in a sharp inhale. Shit, that stung more than she expected!

“One,” she managed to squeak out.

“Good,” Professor Brown responded then went back to gently rubbing each cheek. The feeling of his hand as it brushed her newly red ass cheek was welcome. The heat from his hand seemed to offset the sting slightly but as he brushed over the cheek that had not yet been spanked, Melissa felt her anticipation double. It was too late to back out now though so she tried to focus and stay ready for the next – *SMACK* shitttt he wasn’t taking this easy on her.

“Two,” Melissa said. Before she had time to think – *SMACK* – sharp gasp – “three” – *SMACK* – involuntary yelp – “four.” OK, forget whether or not this is too sexual she wondered and leaned forward to grab onto the edge of the desk. She needed something to hold onto, especially with 26 spankings left. Professor Brown watched her move and let her settle in, giving her a second to think about the next spank. He placed his left hand in between her shoulder blades to keep her steady and went back to rubbing her ass. Melissa found herself oddly comforted by the feeling and grateful for the momentary relief. *SMACK* – gasp – “five” – *SMACK* – yelp – “six.” And then back to the soft circular rubs. Melissa felt Professor Brown’s hand brush her skirt up. She wasn’t entirely sure if it was intentional or not but she was surprised to realize that she didn’t really mind. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference at this point if he saw her bare ass, completely exposed thanks to the thong she was wearing, or not. The feel of his hand brushing her bare skin felt reassuring and somehow intoxicating, even in the middle of the punishment she was receiving.

Professor Brown took in the view, his star student, one that one that was objectively attractive and had admittedly caught his eye, leaned over his desk. Her pale ass sticking up in the air with her floral skirt wrapped around her waist and the skimpiest of nude thongs just barely covering her up. Red marks were already forming from just the first six spankings. “How are you doing Melissa?” he asked.

“I’m.. ok. I guess,” she wasn’t really sure how to respond to his question. She was in more pain than she expected to be in but somehow things felt more natural than she expected too.

“I am going to take you through the rest of the hand spankings quickly,” Professor Brown said. “Remember to continue to count.” Almost before he had finished his sentence, she felt the first spank land.

*SMACK* – “seven” – *SMACK* – “eight” – *SMACK* – “nine” – *SMACK* – “ten” – *SMACK* – “eleven” – *SMACK* – “twelve” – *SMACK* – “thirteen” – *SMACK* – “fourteen” – *SMACK* – “fifteen” Melissa squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the stinging sensation rise in her ass. It felt like her skin was on fire. How was she gonna get through the next fifteen?? She could feel her palms sweating as she gripped the desk and her heart beating faster. She also felt a feeling she wasn’t quite expecting – a warmth building up inside her body. She felt off.. she was so nervous about what the next fifteen spanks were gonna feel like but mixed in with the anticipation.. was a feeling of excitement? She had never imagined she would be in this position but she couldn’t help but feel a little curious about how the rest of this punishment would go.

Professor Brown instructed Melissa to stay in position as he walked over to the wall to grab the paddle that hung there. It was a commemorative paddle from when he had graduated from school. The academic logo and the history of the college meant that it was just barely passable as office decoration. No one suspected that it was something that was actually used for spankings but that just made it that much more special when people came into his office. It was made out of light wood and about fifteen inches long if you counted the handle. Definitely large enough to leave an impression. He walked back over to Melissa and rubbed the marks left on her ass from the last set of spankings, noticing the heat and the color both rising. “The next set will hurt more than the last,” he told her. “You are doing well. Keep breathing and keep counting.” Then, before getting started, he gave her ass one last rub, not so subtly hitching her thong deeper into her ass with his free hand before pulling the paddle back.

NSFW: yes

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