Extra Credit Part Three

*SMACK* Melissa felt her knees buckle and her hips grind into the edge of the desk as her grip tightened around the far end. “Sixteen,” she managed. *SMACK* She let out another involuntary gasp, “Seventeen.” *SMACK* her knees gave out again and she pressed her forehead into the desk trying to retain her composure. “Eighteen” The spankings with the paddle hurt significantly more than the ones Professor Brown had given with his hand. The sting came on fast and sharp but it also seemed to recede just a little quicker than the last set. She could do this, she wondered to herself.

“You have twelve spankings left in your punishment. I can see that you’re struggling to keep your legs straight already so we will move through these ones quickly and then I will help you catch your breath. Remember to keep counting.”

She could do this, just twelve left. *SMACK* – gasp – “nineteen” – *SMACK* – “twenty” – two thirds of the way there – *SMACK* – shit – “twenty one” – *SMACK* – knees buckling – “twenty two” – *SMACK* – her grip on the far side of the desk was the only thing keeping her standing now – “twenty three” – *SMACK* – she let out her loudest yelp yet – “twenty four” – *SMACK* – she pushed her forehead into the desk trying to keep her breathing steady – “twenty five” – *SMACK* – whimper – “twenty six” – *SMACK* – “twenty seven” – *SMACK* – she could swear he was swinging harder now – “twenty eight” she squeaked, her voice breaking – *SMACK* – damn this hurt – “twenty nine” – *SMACK* – he saved the hardest for last, both her knees buckled and she let out a yelp. It took her two breaths to steady herself before she was able to count the final number “thirty”

Her legs felt weak and her arms were tired from hanging on so tight. Her ass was absolutely on fire. She could feel the sting reverberating into her upper thighs and only realized after a minute that she was still gripping the edge of the desk as hard as she could. “I’m going to apply some lotion,” Professor Brown said, “It should help you recover more quickly.” The idea of her professor rubbing lotion onto her bare ass was something that would have been unthinkable to Melissa just this morning but now, she welcomed it. The cool lotion and Professor Brown’s warm hand gave her some relief from the stinging that felt like it was much more than just skin deep. He let his fingertips run along the curves of her ass, down to her upper thighs and back up tracing the fabric of her thong. “It’s too bad that you only needed extra credit once,” he whispered in her ear before pulling away. He then stood back and let her straighten up before sending her on her way, the two of them being the only people who knew what she was eager to do for her grade.

NSFW: yes

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