Experience from the weekend

So on Saturday morning, after some time, my partner and I engaged in some sexual activity. It started with kissing and cuddling with our bodies pressed up against each other. I then slid my hand over her body down towards her underwear and put my hand under towards her pussy. Once there I started to rub slowly against her lips and over her clit. She then put her hands under my boxers and started to stroke my cock. We both removed our underwear so we were now naked. It felt really good, I then inserted my finger inside her where she was quite wet. After some more mutual touching, she got up and straddled me, my cock ready to enter her. As I was sliding in, the pleasure got too much and I started to cum, covering the outside of her lips with cum.

Following this we’ve had sessions everyday and I’ve cum inside her each time, leading to a gorgeous creampie…it’s certainly been amazing!

NSFW: yes

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