Exhibitionist Misadventure [F24][Exhibitionism][Solo]

Last night, my friends and I were looking for something to do. I told them that I wanted to just have a nice evening out, so we decided to go to the mall. One of my friends (we’ll call her Mary) wondered it’d be fun if they choose what I would be wearing because I told them about my recent interest in exhibitionism.

My friends were really, really willing to help me get into this kink and I was afraid (rightly so) they would go pretty far.

My friends were practically giddy with excitement when they arrived. They showed me what they wanted me to wear: a white crop top that barely covered my boobs and a short, pleated miniskirt that barely covered my behind. The top had a low neckline and were loose at the bottom. If I leaned over, someone standing in front of me could see my boobs clearly. They’d also be able to see up my top if they were standing behind me when we leaned over. The mini-skirt was short, falling maybe four or five inches just above the knee but flared out and flipped wildly against the breeze, making it frightfully easily to catch glimpses of my thighs, my butt, and my panties.

I must admit, I was a little nervous about the whole thing and would have called it off had my friends not insisted and promised to “protect me” from anything that might be too much. At that promise, I undressed and put on the outfit my friends assembled for me.

On our way to the mall, our first “misadventure” happened as we rode up the escalator. It wasn’t too packed but there was still plenty of people around. I spotted a few guys who were below us looking right up at us, and my legs shook as I was pretty sure those stares were focused on me. As we got to the next floor, we stopped at a stall selling ice cream, and each bought a scoop of soft serve in a cup. We stood by the railing next to the escalator while we ate it.

Unconsciously, I leaned forward over the rail. I was feeling less exposed, and it slipped my mind how loose my top was. I gasped as a breeze crept up my chest as my shirt fell away from my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra (blame my friends) and the guys below could see right up my top, and I would have pulled back had my friends not kept me in place. They told me to relax, that this was still safe, and so we pretended not to notice and continued eating our ice cream.

After finishing our ice cream, we decided to stroll down the mall. There was a group of guys eating at a table arranged outside of a restaurant and my stomach immediately filled with butterflies as I got extremely nervous. In response, my friends braced themselves against me, helping me both keep my balance and from doing something that would catch unwanted attention like me suddenly running away. They were so caught up with keeping me from acting funny that we didn’t realize they were sitting in front of a large fan. As we passed, a gentle breeze from the fan blew my skirt up, exposing my white panties for everyone to see. With my friends’ arms around mine I didn’t have a free hand to push my skirt down. Worse, the sudden exposure made me yelp loudly enough to attract attention, and while laughing at my predicament, my friends hurried away, half-dragging, half-supporting me with them.

As we passed the restaurant, I could see smirks and smiles and stares from the guys, who were only too happy to have caught my unexpected upskirt. I was sure the thin fabric of my tiny panties wasn’t hiding much, and the men were getting an eyeful.

The girls and I went into the restroom where I took time to recompose myself and calm down. My friends said it was fun flashing, but they wondered it’d be more fun if I took off my panties. I vehemently refused, arguing that I were already showing too much skin and if I removed my panties then there would be nothing that would keep anyone from seeing my bare ass and pussy the next time my skirt flew up. However, there was no denying that I was also incredibly turned on and after some more coaxing, my friends eventually persuaded me to go along with it.

As I handed Liz my panties, she pulled on them until they ripped and stuffed them into the trashcan. “Now there was no turning back.” She said, smiling mischievously at me.

As exited the restroom, we had to pass the same restaurant again. The same guys were still there and as they saw us, eagerly anticipated another show. They got another show all right, but this time I was ready. When the fan blew my skirt up to my waist, the guys saw my shaved puss. They also got a look at my bare ass as we walked away. The guys were speechless.

I managed to keep my legs from wobbling during the walk away. I was feeling incredibly hot, having just flashed people so brazenly and I was pretty wet and sensitive. Had my friends not continued dragging me around, I probably would’ve ducked into another restroom and rubbed myself into an orgasm or three.

I wasn’t opposed to some more misadventure, however. My heart was beating fast and I realized then that I was willing to have more instances where people might see just how bare I was underneath the skimpy attire I wore.

We rode up again on an escalator and unlike the first time, I was pretty damn sure people behind and below us were looking up. My butt felt cold as I keenly felt the airconditioned air kiss my bare cheeks and I swear, it felt like it went out of its way to caress my pussy and asshole. My friends kept a modest distance from me during the ride up, making sure the people behind had a clear look up my skirt.

We then bought tickets to a movie.

The theater was largely empty, with only a handful of people appearing to go and watch the new Ant-Man movie. My friends and I chose one of the seats close to the back and after settling into our seats, my friends told me to strip down and enjoy some private time.

“We’ll be nearby.” Liz said as she took the initiative and began peeling off my top. I was so aroused and the wondered of being naked in a movie theater thrilled me to no end that I didn’t fight too hard at her attempts to strip me. Mary offered me her jacket, which was too small and if I were to put it on, only came down far enough to reach my belly button.

Needless to say, my friends managed to get me out of my top and skirt before leaving me alone.

I felt nervous at first but when the lights dimmed and the movie began to play, my arousal got me over my fear and nerves. My body was hot and the meager cover provided by Mary’s jacket which I draped over my chest only spurred me into touching myself.

My right hand slid down to my snatch and I let out a sharp gasp as my index and middle fingers reached my slit and spread my lips open. A shudder went up from my pelvis as I began to rub my clitty, my arousal building to the point that I propped my legs up on the seats in front of me.

It didn’t take too long for me to cum. I had to suppress my moans and keep myself from screaming as a powerful orgasm erupted, followed by another and another as I rubbed and toyed and kept rubbing my clit, while my left hand fondled and squeezed my breasts and toyed with my nipples.

After the fifth orgasm, I was exhausted. My legs felt rubbery and my heart was beating hard and in a steady rhythm. I dozed off and only woke up when my phone buzzed.

“Movie’s almost over.” Liz messaged. “Meet us at the restroom. We’ll give you your skirt there.”

The idea rekindled the arousal that my previous orgasms had doused but rather than rub off another one, I put on Mary’s jacket and quietly made my way to the bathroom. I bit my lip as I passed a couple seated near the theater exit and was only too thankful how dark it still was as I walked pass them with my bare bottom completely exposed. As soon as I could, I ran to the ladies’ room and my heart nearly exploded when I found it empty.

I was about to furiously text my friends where they hell they were (getting arrested for indecent exposure was something I did not want) when both of them burst out laughing, having hidden in the rearmost stall. I eagerly snatched my skirt and top from Liz and the three of us then made our way back to the car.

NSFW: yes

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