Ex classmate confesses that she used to masturbate to me

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NSFW: yes

Recently i hung out with a girl called Sara, we went to high college together and hadn’t spoken in quite some time. Sara and had been fast friends in high college, we bonded over video games and movies. She was a real nerd and at all times looked the part, skinny, glasses, a bit awkward but the nicest girl i’d ever met.
We met a coffee shop near my house and got to talking. Nothing much had changed about Sara’s appearance, except that her chest had finally filled out a little. Our conversation was dull for a while until she mentioned how she used to have a enormous crush on me. For some reason i had never noticed, but apparently she really liked me back then.

I obviously wanted to know more and got her to talk about it. After the initial embarrassment of admitting it, Sara told me i sort was her sexual awakening. With a big red face she confessed that she used to masturbate to me. She’d imagine my hands on her body and my lips on hers. I was lets say, ‘sexually active’ in high college, so whenever she heard a rumor of me doing something with someone else, she imagine it was her. It got to the point to where one time, when i went over to her house, she snuck of into the bathroom to make herself cum.

I was beating myself up while she was telling me this, i couldn’t figure out how i was so oblivious back then. But i wasn’t now and my cock was throbbing in my pants. I told her we could make up for lost time and she smiled. Sara admitted that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have sex, as she was kind of seeing someone. But when she leaned in closer she told me how’d she would love to watch me masturbate for her.
After some whispering and giggling, when ran of to the restaurant bathroom. Luckily the place was almost deserted so the chance of someone catching us was small.

Sara took me to a stall and leaned with her back against the door, i stood in front of her massaging the tent in my pants. “Take it out for me” i obeyed quickly. I dropped my pants and held my hard cock with both hands, “stroke it for me.” I jerked my cock slow at first but as i saw Sara stare at me with lust in her eyes, i just had to speed up. With one hand i squeezed my balls as the other went up and down my cock. My hips bucked and for a couple minutes we stood there in silence, my touching myself and Sara admiring every inch of my body.

I had sped up to the point where i knew i was getting close, Sara looked into my eyes as she massaged one of her breasts. “Are you going to cum for me?” I told her yes and asked her where she wanted my load. She seemed to question herself for a minute, until she whispered fuck it and lifted up her dress. “I want to you to cum in my panties, make me carry your warm load around.” She pulled her simple blue underwear down as i got closer, i was jerking my cock ferociously, stifling a moan. As i put the tip of my cock in between her legs, in her underwear. My dick rubbed slightly against her pussy. She was soaking wet, clearly this whole ordeal had been a big fantasy of hers. “Look at me” Sara whispered. My eyes met hers and we stared lustfully. My cock throbbed again and i felt myself explode. Load after load of hot cum shot inside her underwear, some of it hitting her pussy and some her inner thighs. The whole time we didn’t break eye contact, until the both of us were standing there with big smiles on our faces.

Sara pulled up her panties and moaned her approval softly. I cleaned myself up quickly and we went back to our table. We spent another hour there and smiles wouldn’t leave our faces. We haven’t hooked up since, but i sure hope we get to enjoy each other again soon!

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