Entering Eden an Erotic Fantasy [M24] [F25][Femdom] [Oral] [Consensual]

Entering Eden

By Blue P

**Kenny had been canvassing throughout Lee’s Summit, Missouri since early Spring. It’s a well to do upscale suburb of Kansas City. His job was to knock on doors distributing fliers promoting the sale of Bibles and other Christian publications through his employer’s website. The business he worked for, Mount Calvary Press, saw him as a rising star in the organization. He believed in his product, and it showed in his results.**

Today Kenny was working Brentwood Drive. It was his second pass through the area when he came to Eden Dahstrom’s door. He rang the doorbell and counted to 20. At first there was no response. The young man had begun to walk away when she opened the front door. There stood an attractive young woman more or less his age, 24 or 25. Eden was barefooted and wearing only her plush pink bathrobe.

“Hello! You caught me just as I was about to take care of some important business.”, said Eden with a welcoming smile, and a twinkle in her eye.

“Good afternoon, ma’am. I’m glad I reached you just in the nick of time. My name is Ken Haland, and I represent MountCalvaryPress.com. “His introduction rolled smoothly and clearly off of his tongue.

“Mount Calvary? So, you’re a bible salesman?”, Eden smiled awaiting his reply.

“Not so much a salesman. We’re actually giving away free Bible study coloring books for the kids. They’re a great way to get children interested in the virtues of the scriptures while having fun coloring.”, he continued.

That was the intended hook. Kenny had delivered this pitch thousands of times since he began working for Mount Calvary 18 months ago. The sales generated in his territory had been phenomenal.

The youthful Door-to-Door canvasser had the gift of gab. Kenny’s confidence was turning her on and making her panties wet. Although, he had no idea. Actually, in his mind he was already formulating a rebuttal to her most likely objections. But then contrary to his expectation she invited him into her home.

“I would love to hear more about this. I have a few nieces and nephews who enjoy coloring, and I’m sure their parents would be happy about it too.”

Eden offered Kenny a cup of coffee and they continued their conversation in her home office adjacent the kitchen.

“Let me pull up your company’s website on my computer.” She said enthusiastically.

She feigned not being able to discover the website. Clicking instead on an open tab revealing a porn video which she had been enjoying with her favorite 10 inch self-lubricating dildo. She only paused when the spry youthful salesman had interrupted her fun by ringing the doorbell.

“Is this it?”, Eden asked with an impish grin on her face as Kenny watched as some random porn vixen was getting dicked down by a very buff dude. Then Eden smoothly stepped over and stood above Kenny as he sat stunned, and flustered. The young man could feel the heavy pull of temptation. It felt like gravity drawing his soul into a black hole.

The lovely seductress had caught him off guard. The man with the golden tongue had become speechless. Next she opened her bath robe revealing her full beauty to him. Alluringly plump double D titties, and a Coke bottle figure. Kenny’s undoing though was the smooth shaven cleft camel toe just six inches from his face.

All at once his mouth began to water and all he could do was lick, lick, suck, and repeat. Locking his lips on to Eden’s womanhood; and eating her sweet pussy like mom’s apple pie. He kept at it for a good five minutes, before they took the intimate escapade to the living room sofa. Eden’s whole pussy was moist and dripping down her inner thighs by then.

Kenny had a lot of pent-up sexual energy. As they were doing it, he realized that he hadn’t had any pum pum in months. He was ripe to bust a nut like a smoldering volcano ready to erupt.

After pounding her fanny doggy style until her labia was swollen, Kenny still hadn’t cum. Eden was enjoying the doggy position. In fact, she had already orgasmed twice. However, now a good 30 minutes into fucking – Kenny still hadn’t shot off.

“Hey, I have a brilliant idea, Mr. Bible salesman. Why don’t we do it in the missionary position.”, Eden laughed.

So, they did it facing each other. Still no cum.

“I have an idea you naughty devil. Why don’t you suck my cock and lick on these nuts.” Kenny commanded Eden, and she complied.

It took less than two minutes, before she was sucking the voluminous man milk from his hardened pecker. As he came in her warm wet mouth, he grunted intermittently while reciting **1st Peter Chapter 2:2 :**

*“As a newborn babe,*

*desire the good milk of the word, that you may grow thereby.”*

The next day Kenny submitted his resignation, and the following week Eden’s Bible and coloring books arrived in the mail.

**The moral of the story is that even a good man can be easily seduced if he doesn’t regularly get unwound.**


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NSFW: yes

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