Infinite orgasms

I have to tell everyone about my fuck buddy. We have been fucking for over 10 years, she is 51 japanese and Italian short and very overweight. But I have never ever met nor seen online a woman that has her orgasm abilities. She can cum from clitoral, anal, cervical, nipples, plain vaginal and G spot. Her g spot gets so swollen inside she can cum over and over. I mean she can have a legit mind blowing orgasm every minute to a minute and a half. Crazy recovery time. She can take enormous dildos and love fisting, as well as enormous dildo in her pussy while I fuck her ass. I counted 143 orgasms one time and she probably could have kept going. I told her we need to make videos to show the world her gift but she is embarrassed about her body. She also gives the best blow job’s . I am also trying to convince her to do a three way. The guy needs to be enormous like me or she won’t.

NSFW: yes

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