End of highschool party

Hello. M25 here. This happend 5/6 years ago but this Will be the Very first time I distribute it with someone.

Me and they boys would throw a party every end of year and the Last one was the best night of my teen life.

To even begin i lived super far from HS and was home only weekends. So People getting to the party would actually surprise me, since they either had to have a tent or sleep in car as my parents house could accomodate like 5 max (prob more but they did not want People inside anyway).

So. Me and 3 other boys were the one throwing it and making all preparations and stuff. Since I had shit load of People coming and parents invited frineds aswell garden was out of option and we moved to pub. But not inside but outsider as this one had a grassa field nearby with voleyball court. I live in small village qith Lime 30 People but we have this haha.

Anyway People started to come. Girls started to come. Things were going pretty well. We had a vodka aqurium with fruits in so People got drunk fast. Then a girl friend started to hit on me a little. We were teasing each other, touching each other, dancing together. It was fun. Then she needs to go get something from inside my house since they had stuff inside to not loose it. And shit went down. She throwed herself on me, kissing, touching, exploring.

I removed her shirt and she put down her bra. She had perky titties and I started sucking on them as I was horny as hell. She moaned but pushed me back and I fell down on bed sitting. She started unbutoning my pants and I took my underpants down. Then she started sucking me rock hard cock and fondling balls. Shit was heaven. This went a while untill she stopped and pulled her bottoms and panties down while I sat there stoned from the blow and then she sat on me with her wet pussy and it went in with one go as she was super wet.

She was riding me like there was no tomorrow while I had my hands at her hips allowing for faster and harder ride. As I was lifting a little back then and she was tiny and light I pickedher up and started power thrusting her. She came and to my surprise she was a squirter. I was holding her down on my cock while she was screaming and cuming and squirting all over me. After a little I put her on bed and told her to show me her ass. She oblied. Went on all fours and stiskem her ass up. I stood behind and put it back in her pussy and thumb in her ass. She moaned and said harder, so I did. Pulled her hair and started going as hard as feasible and was feeling myself getting close and i guess she was too. After a couple more thrust I said I was cumming and she pushed herself back and said in me. Cum in me. So I did. And it sent her over the edge for her 2nd orgasm.

Then i collapsed on her and was Just lying on her with Dick still inside. After a bit I pulled out to see my cum oozing out of her and she caught it while it was sliding down and swallowed it which turned me on instanly and I was hard again. I laughed at it and asked if she wanted more and she said yes. So round two. I went on top of her in missionary position and started slow and teasing her while she played with her clit. Slowly I picked up a pace and not long into it she came for 3rd time. She then got up and sat on my face while gonna town on my dick. It was awesome.

This went for a while amd then she sit on me face to face and started riding me again. I was sucking and grabing her tits while she was riding faster and faster. I was feeling cumming again soon aswell and she was too as she was going faster and faster. Then it happend I csme again and again inside of her while she was riding me and she did not stopped untill she came aswell. We then laid for a bit there she on top of me with me still in her. Then we got clothed and went to continue partying with friend and this was not the end of the night.

I Will update if someone Will want to hear what happend next.

NSFW: yes

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