Emma’s wish gets granted – Short Sex Story

At lunch with my wife and Emma, they plans to go to a concert and then she would stay at our place overnight. We lived a mile away from the venue and she lived about an hour away. The only issue was her kids, being her husband was out of town. I figured I removed myself from the situation of her and I under the same roof as my wife and volunteered to watch her kids.
My wife and I show up to her place the day of the concert. She was wrapped up in a towel still getting ready. Now, Emma is a Puerto Rican mixed, short, massive tits and a great ass, black hair and incredible lips. Her and my wife run upstairs and I made myself at home and turned on the TV. She made a point to come back downstairs “to grab something…” as she walks by she looks at me and says “don’t think you ain’t giving me that dick before you leave” I smile at her and told her “you know where it’s at.” Just then her towel drops. She catches it before it hits the floor but not before those big gorgeous tits drop. She was wearing a hit lil red thong, the contrast off her tan skin made the blood flow. She made sure to take her time wrapping up, giving me a good show…I had to adjust how i was sitting to accommodate my swelling cock. She noticed and smirked before dashing back upstairs. The girls are ready and they rush put the door. I go to the kitchen as she busts back in. She runs into the kitchen, grabs the tickets off the fridge and asks if I have any last questions. I shoot a quick glance to see where her kids were…then I grab her by the neck, bend her over the counter and pulled her skirt exposing her gorgeous smooth tan cheeks. “Smack” one hard slap on her ass and I pull her skirt down. ” Becareful what you ask for, because you’ll end up getting it”. Biting her lower lip she nods her lil head then put the door she went. The rest of the night was slow. I went to sleep on the couch.
I woke up to her bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I must have been out because she was able to pull my pants down. My cock was rock hard as she struggled to take the length. She stopped and stood up, I said “you started this, you got him hard”…she interrupted me “nah, I found you hard, and if you wanna finish then follow me upstairs. She had already changed before waking me up, and she washed all her make up off. She was wearing a t shirt and that’s it. Her nipples dancing underneath as she walked toward the stairs. Her buttcheeks peaking out gave me a great view of her wet pussy as she walked up the stairs. She closed and locked her door then hopped on the bed, sticking her heart shaped ass in the air. “Like what you see” before she could finish my tongue was plunged into her tight wet cunt. Shoving my face in between her cheeks licking at her wetness. My thumb finds her asshole and I rub it while licking inside her. My other thumb finds her clit and I rub both furiously until my thumb slips in her ass. She pushes back against my face as she nears climax and then I feel an explosion of wetness on my face. I grab her hips and shove my face in deeper. I feel her hands pulling my hair trying to pull me off. As I ease off I slap her ass hard again, by this time we are both naked and my cock is hard. I grab her hips and guide the tip towards her pussy. Rubbing the tip against her folds I see the tip disappear inside her. I thrust in deep and hard and she gasps.i reach up and pull her hair as I grind my hips against her ass while I’m deep inside her. She is still gasping trying to catch her breath while I slide out and thrust in again. My thrusts are getting quicker and quicker and soon my body is slapping her ass. She is trying not be loud but is moaning out as I pump deeper inside her. Still holding a fist full of hair I pull back sharply as I slam inside her hard “fffffffff uck uck fuuck” she let out. I shove her head into the mattress, and instart pounding her pussy. Im fucking her harder and harder, her moans are starting to sound like whimpers….I’m getting close to cumming so I pull out and pull her off the bed.as she gets on her knees I’m shoving cock in her mouth and I’m fucking her face. She gags and choked with every deep thrust. I didn’t give her any warm up, my cock was slick with her cum as it’s shoved down her throat. Her eyes welled up as I forced my cock in her mouth. Pulling her hair sharply I ask her ” is this what you wanted?” She tried to respond as I’m pumping my cock in her face, so she just nods. Her eyes watering, tears falling down her cheeks as I explode in her mouth. I let go and relax as she grabs my cock and milks every last drop of cum. She smiled as she swallowed my load. “I really like your cock” she said as we were getting dressed. She walked me to my truck and as I left I told her she still owed me for watching her kids and a devilish grin forms on her face,” Yes sir” She says jokingly.

NSFW: yes

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