Emily’s Descent – Part 1

As my teacher wrote equations on the whiteboard, I stared blankly at it. He turned to face us and tapped on the board, asking what the next step should be. The teacher chose one of the boys sitting behind me who raised his hand.

I barely paid any attention to the class. I simply stared at the board with my head resting on my hand, thinking about the night before. My older brother, Peter, had snuck into my room while I was trying to sleep and proceeded to fuck me. Apparently, he had used some kind of drugs to keep himself going, which explained why he continued to fuck me even after cumming inside of me. I orgasmed about seven times that night while he came inside me three times. However, all the details were just a blur to me as I wasn’t even sure if I was even conscious after my fourth orgasm. All I knew was that I felt full and my pussy was tingling from thinking about it all.

I subconsciously slid my other hand under my desk and pressed it against my crotch, before then clamping my thighs around it. I was wearing a short blue skirt that reached halfway across my thighs, with a buttoned white shirt on top. Black and purple-striped stockings stretched across my legs, stopping at my knees, revealing only a portion of my soft, creamy thighs.

My fingers pressed against my panty-covered pussy, and I let out a soft breath as I began to rub it. My and my brother’s moans of pleasure echoed through my mind as I sat in class, rubbing myself. Juices began to flow from my pussy, soaking my panties, but I continued to rub myself.

Suddenly, the bell rang and I snapped out of my horny daze. Everyone began to pick up their personal belongings, while I simply sat up straight. My hand was still over my crotch as I looked around the classroom. I blinked, my eyes widening slightly as I could see my teacher staring at my legs, seeing my hand was between them.

Quickly gathering up my things and shoving them into my bag, I got up and quickly left the classroom along with the rest of my peers.

Arriving at home, I kicked my shoes off and threw my bag onto the couch. Locking the front door behind me, I shuffled into the kitchen. My dad was there, making coffee and reading a news article on his phone.

“Hey, Emily,” He greeted me, barely looking up from his phone, “How was school?”

“It was alright,” I murmured, walking up to the fridge and opening the door.

My dad glanced up at me, arching an eyebrow.

I bent over, pulling open the bottom drawers of the fridge.

He stared at my ass as I bent over lower and lower, my skirt sliding up a bit to reveal my smooth, round ass and panties. I didn’t know he was staring as I continued to search for something in my fridge.

Opening a drawer, I smiled slightly as I found a small bag of chocolates. Grabbing it, I straightened up and closed the fridge door.

“How’s work for you?” I turned to him, and he quickly looked back down at his phone. I blinked, seeing something tenting in his pants.

“Lots of meetings, so the usual,” He sighed. I nodded slowly, smiling as I held up the bag of chocolates and looked at it.

“Well, I’m heading up to go finish my homework,” I turned and started heading out of the kitchen, “See ya.”

I walked off, not knowing that my dad glanced back at my direction. His gray eyes gazed at my legs and ass as I left.

Grabbing my bag from the couch, I ran up the stairs and headed to my room. Tossing my bag and the chocolates onto my desk, I closed my door. I slowly began to unbutton my shirt as I stepped over to my closet. Opening the door, I pulled my shirt off to reveal a pink bra underneath. Reaching behind me, I unclipped it and pulled it off, setting my beautiful tits free.

I heard the front door open from my room, and I quickly looked over at the clock on my desk. Judging by the time, my brother must have arrived home from college. I blinked, thinking about what happened last night. My gaze slowly drifted to my bed, seeing my clothes from that night laying on the floor next to it.

I returned to undressing, shaking my head. I reached over and grabbed a pair of black shorts after pulling my skirt and panties off together. I slid them on, pulling them up as far as I could as the crotch pressed up against my pussy lips. I liked these shorts because they exposed most of my thighs and would frequently ride up on me, rubbing my pussy.

I grabbed a loose white shirt and pulled it over. It was large, having been a hand-me-down from my father as he saw no use to keep it for himself. It fell past my waist, covering my shorts and making it seem like I was without pants. Gathering up my college clothes and the ones I wore last night, I started to head to the laundry basket in the bathroom.

Kicking the bathroom door open, I shuffled over to the basket and flipped the lid open. I set my pile of clothes on the floor and began to organize them between top-half clothing and bottom-half clothing. I picked up my shirts and tossed them into the section with the rest of the shirts, which belonged to my brother. Next, I grabbed my skirts and panties, and tossed them into the leg wear. The pile was large, almost coming out of the basket itself.

Frowning, I attempted to press the pile down, trying to compact all of the clothing together. At that moment, my brother walked into the bathroom, with only a large shirt on, and a fresh set of clothing and a towel in his arms.

I straightened up, gasping as my eyes went wide. My brother stared back at me with wide eyes, his jaw dropping slightly. My eyes momentarily glanced down, seeing his flaccid cock hanging between his legs from under his shirt.

I opened my mouth to say something, but then froze completely as footsteps creaked from the stairs. My dad was coming up.

My brother suddenly came back to life. He placed his hand over my mouth, pushing me up against the laundry back and the wall it sat against, and quickly closed the bathroom door, locking it. He pressed against me, glancing at the door as my father walked past it, his heavy footsteps thudding on the carpet floor as he headed to his and mom’s bedroom.

Letting out a soft breath, my brother turned to me. His face barely betrayed any emotion as he locked eyes with me. I could feel his cock starting to come to life against my stomach, lifting his shirt up and pressing against my belly-button through my own shirt.

“Don’t make a sound,” He whispered, cupping one of my breasts through my shirt with his other hand, “And just go along with it.”

I let out a whimper as my pussy became wet again. I want to fight back against him, but my body submitted to him as he began to replace his hand that was over my mouth with his lips. Kissing me, he shoved his tongue into my mouth and began to explore my body with his hands.

I let out a soft moan into his mouth, and I slowly pressed my legs together. He carefully aimed his cock low and slid it between my thighs under my shirt and began to fuck them. Since I wasn’t wearing any panties, the only think between his huge cock and my pussy were my shorts.

“You know,” He breathed, pulling his mouth away from my lips and gasping, “I was still hard… Even after I was done fucking you…”

He picked up his pace, and I clamped my thighs tighter around his cock. I could feel it rubbing over my pussy, almost as if my shorts weren’t even there. His hands had slid under my shirt, now fully massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples.

“Those pills I got from my buddy,” He murmured, sliding his nose next to mine and breathing over my mouth, “They work… Like, crazy good… I think I still got some rounds in me from last night… Wanna entertain me on that?”

I couldn’t bring myself to speak. My heart was hammering away in my chest, and juices flowed from my pussy, soaking my shorts. I closed my eyes softly and moaned as my brother pinched my nipples tightly, causing electricity to course through me.

“I’m taking that as a ‘yes’…” He breathed on me, before licking my cheek and kissing me on the lips again. His fucking became fast for a brief second before he suddenly pulled away from me.

“Take your clothes off,” He ordered me, his thick erect cock pointing at me, “And get in the shower.”

I gulped, staring at his cock. My body shook slightly as tingles ran up from my pussy.

After a few minutes, I had fully stripped down and stepped into the standing shower. My brother followed in after me, completely naked as well. He slid the door closed behind him, and gazed at me.

He smiled at me and took a step forward. His still hard cock pressed its head against my bare stomach, slathering it with precum. He reached past me and grabbed the shower tap, slowly turning it.

I gasped softly as cold water rained down onto me from the showerhead for a brief moment. My body shook as goosebumps raced across my soft skin. However, in a few seconds, the coldness was replaced with heat.

My brother pressed himself closer to me, sliding his cock up against my stomach until the entire shaft pressed against my bare skin. He reached behind me again, gripping my ass cheeks tightly with his hand and forcing a light gasp from me. Leaning forward, he started kissing my neck as warm water rained down on top of us.

He humped his cock slowly along my stomach, groaning into my neck. My hands fell to my sides as I let out soft moans and gasps. He yanked my ass cheeks aside and used his fingers to explore my crack. As I felt his fingers graze over my asshole, I tensed slightly.

“On your knees,” He ordered me again, pulling away. As if I was being controlled by him, I slowly slid down to my knees and came face-to-face with his cock. My mind flashed back to the night before when he had fucked my mouth for a bit.

“Open your mouth,” He murmured, reaching out with a hand to run his fingers through my silky hair. I opened my mouth, and he slowly slid his huge cock into my mouth again.

“Oh fuck…” He breathed, rolling his head back as I took his entire rod into my mouth, feeling the tip of it press against the back of my throat.

I tried my best to not gag from the thickness of his cock. His bushy crotch pressed against my nose and lips, and I could smell the sweat from him. After a few seconds, he began to slowly fuck my mouth, carefully sliding his thick rod in and out. Every time he thrusted into my mouth, I could feel the tip press against the back of my throat, causing tingles to race through my body and tears to gather in my eyes. The feeling of being face-fucked awakened a strange feeling deep within me, and my pussy flooded with my fluids, dripping onto the bathtub floor and mixing with the warm water around it.

“Holy shit,” My brother beathed, still clutching my head and keeping it still as he fucked my face, “Your mouth feels amazing… Almost as good as your pussy…”

His pace suddenly quickened, encouraged by the feeling of my soft, slimy tongue caressing his throbbing dick. I tightened my lips around his cock, feeling them become slathered with a mix of my saliva, his precum, and the warm water. I slowly reached down with a hand and began to rub my clit with a finger.

“Mmmrph…” I moaned, closing my eyes just a bit and gazing up at my brother. My vision was blurry, thanks to the steam building up in the shower and the water running down my face.

My expression must’ve awakened something in his, cause his hold on my hid tightened and he began to fuck my face faster. My eyes widened slightly, and I reached up to grab his thighs, using them as support and my body shook from his quick and powerful thrusts.

Within mere moments, he shoved his cock as hard as he could into my mouth, causing me to gag and saliva to pool out. Streams of cum exploded out from his tip, splashing into my mouth and directly down my throat. I coughed, trying to pull away, but my brother held me in place and continued to cum inside of my mouth.

After a few seconds, he slowly drew back and let me collapse onto the floor, breathing heavily. His cum splattered out of my mouth, mingling with my saliva and water. The rest of his sperm was sliding down my throat, and I swallowed hard to get it all down. I let out a gasp and slowly looked up at my brother, shuddering from the sensation.
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