Embarassing myself by throwing on a see through Tshirt in front of my customers at my salon is enough to leave me drenched [25F]

After having made no money due to weeks of no customers, I finally had one appointment made for my services by an old regular, saying they would be here soon. So I quickly went downstairs to clean the store a bit. I went up again to have my face washed. By this time, he had arrived so I hurriedly threw a t-shirt & jeans on me and ran downstairs to welcome him. I had him sit, looked at him and just wondered to myself how cute he was, as I at all times did.

A few mins after some chit-chat and what hair he wanted and with me standing besides him, I noticed in the mirror. From the corner of his eyes, he was looking somewhere and all of a sudden, time paused. I saw my white t-shirt to be slightly translucent. Just slightly – But still enough to show the boobies which hiding underneath. Cringing from this awkward and embarassment, I just slowly started hiding behind his head in panic. I felt like a thief who had just been caught with my heart racing. I felt like everything was coming to an end. Until I noticed his gaze again, trying to get a hold of me in the mirror, with his head turned somewhere else but his eyes searching for me.

I was still embarassed, still having a racing heart, still sweaty hands and still thinking how cute he looked. I had no idea what I was doing anymore but it felt only right as I slowly started moving outside of the safe zone, putting myself on a showcase for him, as I felt my panties slowly getting less and less dry. And just then, when he went for a quick look again, I had a strong urge to rub this itch inside my panties. With his haircut almost about to be done and me realising what an effect this one look had had on me, I decided to be brave and tease him a bit this time. I stood facing him, forcing him to look directly at me as I trimmed his beard. Maybe afraid of being caught, he stopped looking while his face turned bright red out of embarassment and I truly loved it!

Soon with the haircut done, he paid me and asked for water. However, by the time I came back, he had left. With me still burning with sensation, I shut the store and ran up to check the CCTV footage to see my performance. As I sat on my towel, with one hand in my jeans, I saw in the footage that he had sent me away earlier so that he could stand up and adjust his hard on. Needless to say, I had a good time rewarding myself for hours for my bravery that day for I had just made the cutest guy hard over me, with all sorts of scenarios with him in my imagination and all sorts of methods to compensate for his dick not fucking me senseless.

From this one incident, things have branched out in many methods. Now the see through clothes have have kinda become my uniform, helping me get so many customers that now I’ve employees! With one of these employees now being the guy from this story, who helps me out with finances in the shop downstairs and with rewatding me in my home upstairs. Of course, my brave acts have also become braver but I still do require the shop to be near empty for my acts. From ‘accidentally’ drenching my T-shirt while washing customers’ hair in the store to ‘special haircuts’ of pubes (and more…!) upstairs in my home for the special regulars who are bold enough to make a move on me. 2 years since this incident, it’s needless to say that the services available here are more than enough to keep me happy with my new life and my customers even happier with me.

NSFW: yes

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