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“Well, if you’re giving me a choice, I have to fuck your ass,” he said, struggling with his jeans hindered by a full-blown erection.

“If you hurry maybe we could do it again after Paul gets done,” she replied with more than a little urgency.

One minute later, his shiny glans was jabbing at the springy creases of her asshole. Pushing with restrained force, he sank into the taut band of muscle just inside and eased into the steaming channel of her rectum. With her arms folded on the toilet lid, Ellen dropped her head down between them as his dick stretched her vice-tight orifice.

Sighing loudly as her shitter was steadily filled, the raven-haired beauty started rolling her hips gently. The pressure and satisfaction was something that couldn’t be duplicated for her, something she couldn’t get from standard fucking. Even the mild ache was a turn-on, nerve clusters firing in protest and pleasure. Her response became more visible during insertion, craving the friction created by the in and out phase.

Stuffed with every inch of his cock, Ellen arched her back and pushed trying to get more, her rectum clamping down, Greg groaning already. Having been inside her smoking asshole (and juicy snatch) before, he grabbed her fleshy waist in order to not get buckled off and retracted most of his dick. Pushing forward, he was met by an earnest thrust by the brunette and just that fast he was forced to begin fucking her up the ass at breakneck speed.

He was grunting with effort, her fat ass cheeks slamming against his crotch in the unmistakable symphony of sex, capped by her thrilled moans. Drowned out but higher on the list of bliss was the greasy hum of his cock plunging back and forth in her tight behind, a visual blur. Faster and harder by the stroke, the rod was pumped with fury and received with the same.

On a whim, he slid his hands up her sides, under her shirt and over her flopping, bra covered tits, pinching her nipples through the material. She squealed while he flipped them out of their cage, pulling at the bared nubs, her frantic humping slowing at the stimuli. Taking benefit of the lull in her pace, he started fucking her ass with longer, measured strokes, fighting off what was imminent ejaculation.

He lost the battle soon after as he erupted in her bowels after a total of just over ten minutes, his face contorted with lust. She moaned in a higher pitch feeling his jism spurting against her colon, sated without the climax that was approaching. Seconds later, his dick slipped from her asshole with a dribble of semen behind it and he sat back, breathing heavily.

Ellen took a moment of recovery herself before urging him off to trade places with Paul who received an order immediately.

“I want you in my ass,” she said bluntly.

“Not a problem,” he replied, dropping his pants and taking the lube, “I was going to ask if I could.”

Looking over her shoulder, she licked her lips watching him coat his big dick while it stood at attention as he stared down at her privates. At 9″, bigger than her longest sex toy, she was as willing as she’d ever been to feel a man inside her, pussy leaking at the memory of his visits yesterday. The anticipation of hosting him in her vice-tight asshole made her shudder as he kneeled down in back of her. After an appreciative grope of her spectacular behind, the knob was pressed against the slimy, minutely gaped orifice.

In between rapid and quick, but not quite rough, he stretched her anus wide and shoved his way into her slick, smothering rectum. Ellen let out a high-pitched gasp as her asshole was spread open noticeably farther than ever before with instant and powerful ecstasy. Holding her position, she let him force his way inside her smoldering bowels, her jaw going slack, moaning as his cock stuffed her.

Finally in to the base, deeper than any anal piercing she’d felt in life, both were almost blinded with pleasure. He didn’t have a lot of experience with butt-fucking and even freshly breached, Ellen’s rectum was tighter and hotter than most. For her part, even with her aggressive preparation by way of toys (over the last year plus) and men (over the last week), each time still felt like her first.

With his added width and length, it was enhanced that much more and led to a rare vocal outburst.

“Ohmigod, fuck me,” she pleaded softly, “Fuck my ass. Hard.”

With the head of his cock buried well inside her steaming colon, he jerked ahead to ensure full intrusion and then pulled back halfway before shoving in again. Her asshole still adjusting, still protesting the breach, kept contracting as he started fucking her so she remained in place. She had learned from experience that it got better faster if she allowed the dank channel to get accustomed first. After a couple of minutes, his thrusts harder, faster, she began to rock back slowly at first. With each stroke into her anal canal, Ellen bucked backwards with escalating vigor, moaning louder each time.

“Ohgod, yes, harder…fuck my ass harder!”

Her big behind rippling now, slamming back for contact, she grabbed the base of the toilet lid for leverage and thrust with rabid energy. For his part, he took her verbal command to heart, banging ever stronger into the humid orifice. Packing her asshole balls deep with each thrust, she soon felt the stirrings of orgasm forming in her crotch. The wave of euphoria crested slowly then suddenly and overrode every other sense in her consciousness.

Wanting to scream, she couldn’t, the ecstasy stealing her voice and the air from her lungs. Furious spasms ripped through her sphincter muscles and her drenched pussy, her engorged clitoris pulsing. The vicious contractions strangled his cock, slowing his emphatic drilling and putting him at the brink of coming himself. The fantastic clenching went on for a full minute before starting to ease and he steadily built up the pace again, fucking her tight, hot ass with renewed velocity.

Momentarily spent, Ellen simply took the pounding once more, her body still but as her climax waned she started humping again. Determined to reach another orgasm, she hedged her bet by reaching down and rubbing her sopping wet snatch, her body jerking with sensitivity at the touch. Snaking just a single finger up into the juicy crevice was all it took to spur the release she sought and with the last vestige of control she had, she bit her lip hard to stifle the wail in her throat.

Thick bolts of semen spurted in rapid succession right away with this climax as Paul spilled his load, dizzy from the force. The stifling constriction from her ring of muscle pumped his dick like a tube of toothpaste, forcing every drop into her body. He managed to stay inside her ass for several moments before going limp and finally getting squeezed out.

A few minutes later he left the stall and Greg practically ran back in, beyond willing to sodomize her again. Only partially erect, he had to jerk off in between failed efforts to get in her puckering anus. Finally stiff enough to gain entry, he slid with relative ease into the tight passage, now squishing with two healthy loads of semen.

While her excitement level stayed at peak, Ellen was getting tired and her physical participation was dulled. She was basically just a receptacle for his cock from the beginning and he took full benefit. Hammering her with long, fast thrusts, his dick popped out twice as he got carried away in his lust. Once again building towards the debilitating anal orgasm, she finally started tossing her fabulous behind and they shared a mutual climax.

NSFW: yes

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