Edwards Enigma

“I know you’re in chastity.” “Edward, I know.”
I suddenly came to and realized what was happening, I’d been caught. How did I even get here? I am a manly man if you ever saw one. I hunt, I train in combat sports and have been a casual consumer of military tactics most of my life. I exercise every day, and am the dominant one in the bedroom in most of my relationships.

Tonya was a vegan liberal woke lunatic with a cute body, but god, I hated her political and personal opinions. It’s ok she hated mine, and she hated me. Still for the sake of our jobs we got along and we worked together well. In fact I think most people would consider us quite mature for tolerating each other’s differences. She was sweet, and as long as we never talked about politics we got along quite well. I actually had a crush on her on and off, but that didn’t matter. I had a girlfriend who had been recently discharged from the marines after a serious injury in combat and she was kind of fun enough in the bedroom.

I had a dark secret though. Not so dark, and I would tell you if you asked because I figured if you asked you must be kink inclined enough to know why a tough guy like me likes to switch. Before I dated my current girlfriend I was actually with a girl who only wanted me to sub. Not some scary, chains and whips, diapers and weird shit. I still fucked her, it’s just that she liked to fuck me too. Sometimes with a strapon way bigger than she would even want. For a couple years I got to explore my submissive side, and this pretty much solidified the fact that I like to switch.

The issue with my Marine core badass, is she was the opposite of the tough girl I wondered she would be. Yeah she was a marine, but she is the biggest sub in the world! She doesn’t even know how to initiate sex! Gone are the dreams I had of a tough girl that likes to wrestle for the top position. Sure we could wrestle, but she would at all times lose.

A year into our relationship and our sex is still very vanilla, and she definitely hasn’t asked about anything remotely kinky. Sometimes I’ll tie her up and torment her for an hour or so longing to switch positions and have this tough girl show me her dark side. “If only she would tie me up, put on the strapon I keep in a box under the bed and make me moan!”

For the past few months I’ve been experimenting with chastity and self locking when I’m not around her. This makes me feel submissive until I see her and has helped a lot. I’ll wear it sometimes for 3-4 days, and once I wore it for over a week straight! My cage is a Kink3d nub which is exceptionally humiliating because it’s so small for such a big man like myself. . .

But wait? How did I get here today? Today was my 4th day in chastity and I was just at work doing my job. We had some down time and Tonya and I were shooting the shit. She asked me to see my pocket knife and I said “oh this? This isn’t a knife it’s my keybar.”
“Keybar?” Said Tonya.
“Yeah, it holds my keys and keeps them from jingling around and making noise. Check it out it’s got a beard comb!” I pulled out the comb and started combing my beard with it.
Tonya snatched the bar out of my hand, and after fumbling around with it I saw her pause. She had revealed the key to my chastity cage! She looked at it, smiled and asked a few questions but I knew it was too late. She knew. Everything seemed to go quiet for a couple seconds that felt like hours and she handed my keybar back.
“How much did this ridiculous key knife thing cost?” She asked.
I told her and we talked for a few more minutes before I made my way back to my office to keep working.

About a half hour later Tonya came in with one of her other crazy vegan squad members and said something I didn’t expect. “I know Edward.”

Everything went fucking white. Why the hell is she doing this? We’re at work for Christ’s sake! I zoned out wondering what I was going to do, and how I would get out of this before coming back. . .

“I know you’re in chastity Edward!”
“Show us.”

NSFW: yes

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