Edging so much it hurts [F26][f-solo]


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Yesterday, I edged myself by reading porn and listening to men moaning and grunting as they masturbated.

The more I denied myself from touching my pussy, the more my groin actually hurt from having so much pent up sexual energy. Does this ever happen to you guys? I felt contractions all the way in my uterus and every time it throbbed, it hurt in a sexual way. After a while, I couldn’t take it anymore and secured my dildo to the floor for me to ride. My juices smelled so strongly as I undressed. My panties were drenched and I had to peel them out of my slit.

The second I sank into my dildo on the first thrust, I felt uncontrollably close to orgasm. I half-heartedly tried to prolong my edging session, but I ended up exploding so hard within three deep, hard thrusts with a finger lightly on my very swollen clit. My pussy walls were clenching so hard on my 7 inch dildo for what felt like an eternity. With the death grip my pussy had on it, I couldn’t even thrust more and it was balls deep inside me throughout my orgasm. I moaned and gasped loudly with both pain and pleasure since I felt my uterus contract much more intensely.

The pressure around my groin and in my vagina, along with the swelling of my clit slowly dissipated and I passed out with my dildo still engulfed by my cunt. Maybe I’m not good at edging.

NSFW: yes

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