Eating her….

Its been a day or two since I have had any contact with her..the very wondered of having her, feeling her bare, her lips around my cock and slowly entering her and rubbing her clit while I enter drives me crazy.. I need her now.. I get home and I see she has just got out of the shower… perfect, clean, glistening and moist.. I kiss her once, our eyes close with the passion and we know we want each other.. I drop to my knees and eat her from behind, I spread her supple cheeks , plant my face in between them, the perfect fit.. I lick her butt hole, so perfect, so clean as I move down to the small patch before her pussy… So sensual…she feels my tongue do concentric circles and I ever so slightly kiss it… She moans and arches her back, squats on my face, spreading her gorgeous lips and exposing her pink… My mouth beautifully fits, sucking her clit and my nose just caressing her opening… Her gorgeous smells and with every breath I make into her pussy while licking her clit, I feel her beautiful juices flow… I waste none and I eat it all…she bends futher…shuddering in ecstasy, bends forward puts her hand back and pulls her cheeks aside for a better view of her beauty.. I lick vigorously, wetter than ever, strings of joy and passion, the perfect mix of her juices and my saliva as I make her so wet ready to take my growing bulge..I can feel her cumming, I see her gorgeous soft toes curling as I suck her pussy dry, gently yet leaving it wetter than ever as I size her up to take me bare…

NSFW: yes

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