Eating all of her..

That moment when things move quick and you want to eat her so bad.. rip her gorgeous panties off, the laces twisting as they come off and you spread her wide, seeing her ever so gorgeous hooded beauty, the perfect lips, plump clit, perfect labia, covering her gorgeous pink… slowly kiss the top of her pussy, around it, looking up at her, taking in all the beautiful smells of her arousal, spreading her lips ever so gently, her gorgeous viscous juices strings across her moist lips as she begs to be eaten…gently blow straw breaths across her pussy, around it, making her moan and lean back in joy and anticipation of what is coming next, I slowly lick up all her gorgeousness that has flowed across her thighs, making my way to suck and rim her Vagina, move to her plump labia, then to her clit and suck on her clitoral hood, cusping the tip of my tongue so perfectly as I gently make my way back down to eat up all her gorgeous dripping wetness I lift her legs up, she on her shoulders, her gorgeousness in full view while I lick her from her anus to hood..licking every inch and watching her moan and grind to a gorgeous climax.. screaming, gripping my head in a tight grip between her thighs, arched back and squirting to that perfect finish…

NSFW: yes

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