Driving while in ass

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NSFW: yes

My gf is no stranger to Anal sex and before dating me her ex was a bit into it to much where I noticed some differences between her ass hole and some others I’ve fucked prior to dating her. We went to 711 pretty late after watching AHS and I was pretty cold and had a boner.

My gf got in the car and seen it and made it a big deal , she asked me to take it out and I did and we drove with my cock out until she stroked me , she asked me to pull over And she got on top and start bouncing up and down -bare and it was ducking amazing . She offered something better and kinda put me in her ass and it was amazing and I was stuck literally in ass . A car drove by real slow and scared us so I decided I drive with her still on my cock and I made sure I wasn’t a idiot at 1am driving stupid so I drove slow until we pulled up to her place and I let her finish riding me and I finished her ass .

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