Drilling [M23]y step-sister’s[F22] holes – Short Sex Story

When I graduated school, my mom/step-dad(Ralph) helped me get a job. There was a month until I started my new job. For a graduation/congratulations present, they decided to send me on a vacation to Hawaii for about 10 days. I was super excited. I saw my step-sister (Felicia) who I hardly seen the past 4 years and she gave me a hug for not seeing me for such a long time. I noticed how Felecia looked and I was turned on. Felecia’s hair grew out, boobs bigger, her ass was nicely round with a good figure because she regularly worked out. My trip to Hawaii was about 4 days away, when Felecia told me she was going with me to Hawaii.
“What? When did this happen?” I asked.
Felecia said, “well because my b-day is coming up soon, they thought sending me on this trip would be a good b-day present.” I just shrugged, but wondered it may be hard because of my feelings for her.

Fast forward to when we got to Hawaii, checked into the hotel and settled in for a bit. We decided to check out the beach and got into our bathing suits. When I saw Felecia in her bikini…wow. Felecia looked so fucking hot that I just wanted to violate her. But when we got to the beach, I forgot and had fun and we met nice people as everybody was like family. We went back to our room after eating dinner. The next day, Felecia and I decided to do some sightseeing and checked out some tourist attractions. Afterwards, Felecia wanted to go to the beach and I joined her. Felecia and I got in a couple hours later and we were both drunk after drinking on the beach. I was getting horny from drinking, and with our inhibitions lowered, I touched Felecia’s ass. Felecia looked at me as I looked back at her. Felecia approached me saying, “did you like what I looked like in my bikini? Here’s the real deal,” she said as she took off her top. I began to suck Felecia’s tits as she let out small moans. I just kept sucking Felecia’s tits as I laid her down on the bed and worked my way down towards her pussy. When I started to peel Felecia’s bottoms down, she quivered and let out a small gasp as I started to lick her pussy. Felecia kept moaning and crying out, arching her back in pleasure as I continued to eat her. I started to feel Felecia’s body shake as she started to moan louder and convulsed as she gushes and orgasmed in my face. Once Felecia gathered herself, she pulled out my cock from my shorts and began sucking my cock. As I felt Felecia’s tongue swirl around and the warmth, I was getting closer and closer to cumming. Felecia knew, but she stopped sucking.
Felecia laid down and whispered, “fuck me please. It’s okay, I’m on the pill.” So I spread her legs getting between her and slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy fucking her slowly. Felecia hips were writhing around as she wailed out sounds of pleasure as I slowly increased my speed pumping into her. I flipped Felecia over as she got on all fours with me licking her pussy and ass as I started fucking her again. After fucking for a while with me pounding away, she pulled away. Felecia surprised me by saying in a breathless voice, “hey, do you think you can fuck me in the ass?”
“Are you sure?” I said reassuring her. When Felecia nodded yes, so I started to put my cock into her ass slowly as it was so tight and she squealed in some pain. As I pushed harder and the head of my cock went into Felecia’s ass, I could tell she was in pain so I was going to pull out but she kept begging me to go deeper. As I did, her cries of pain turned into pleasure. I fucked her ass and this time her moans were small screams.
As I was about to cum, I said, “oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” With some more pumps, I cummed into Felecia’s ass as she let out a pleasurable sigh. As we both collapsed.

After that, we cuddled for a bit before deciding to clean ourselves as we showered together. We fucked everyday after that and tried anal every time. When we got home I wanted to continue having sex with Felecia. I’m not sure where Felecia is with this, but I’m down to continue. I’ll do an update if people request.

Remember, fictional.

NSFW: yes

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