Dream vacation part 2

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“Tell me you want this dick in you baby.”

“Please put your dick in me. Fuck me please!!” Paula exclaimed loudly.

Mark slapped his girthy cock against her pussy lips. “Do you always dress up like a slut and fuck guys the first time you meet them?”

“Just for you baby” and then he slowly penetrated her until he was balls deep in my girlfriend. Stretching out her pussy more than it had ever experienced. He picked up the pace and was fucking her hard, loudly clapping her ass with each thrust as he pulled her hair. This went on for a few minutes before he pulled out and sat on the couch. He pulled Paula down on top of him and told her to ride his dick to which she obliged again. By now, she was in too deep and had no plans to stop taking this new gorgeous fat dick.

She slid down onto his cock and grinded her hips, feeling his cock in her as she did so. Then she began to bounce up and down on his cock (which she is fantastic at). Mark was continuously switching off, gripping her tits and ass and the rest of Paula’s stunning body the entire time. After some time, Paula was getting tired from riding dick but she kept going, trying to please her new friend and do her best impression of a porn star. Mark pulled her into him and she took a break, just sitting onto his cock as they made out passionately.

Mark then stood up while picking up Paula in his arms, his cock still in her pussy. They made out standing briefly before Mark grabbed a pillow and put it on the ground. Then he bent down and set Paula on the floor and started to fuck her missionary. He got rougher as they continued, choking her, pulling her hair and even spitting in her mouth. He had a hand around her throat when he asked her:

“Who gives you the best fuck?”

“You do baby” she replied with no hesitation.

Then he leaned down into her and whispered in her ear:

“I’m gonna cum all over your pretty little face and take a picture for you to send to your boyfriend. Show him how much of a slut I’ve made you”

Her pussy got even more wet as she agreed and nodded her head. He fucked her harder than he had yet and groaned as he pulled out his cock and slapped it on her face. He jerked off for a few seconds then sent a fat load of cum spraying across my girlfriend’s face. She sat there, almost in disbelief of what had just happened. Mark grabbed her phone and told Paula to smile like a good girl and spread her legs. She did as he snapped a few pictures and sent them to me right away.

Lisa then came out of Greg’s room in a bath towel and stopped, mouth gaping as she saw what had happened.

“Seems like you two got to know each other” and she laughed. And that was just the first night….

NSFW: yes

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