Dragon’s Blood Chapters 3 and 4


I’ve written this story through chapter 16, including the finale. All chapters are available on my website. You can discover the link in my Reddit account if you’re interested. If you prefer to wait, I’ll post about a chapter a month here. All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

Dragon’s Blood Chapter 3

As the saying goes, A wise man fears nothing more than a dragon’s avarice thwarted. I grew to figure out that aphorism in a personal way. I lay awake most of the night. My cock would not settle down, nor would my annoyance at Gwells for her interruption. My sister had simply returned home at the wrong time, but my thoughts somehow held this as a betrayal. I tried to calm myself and forgive her. And I’m happy to say that I succeeded. But my fever for my mother was not so easily cooled. I burnished in my mind the memory of the way her tits bounced as she jumped away from me. I obsessed over her distorted face when she pleased me with her mouth. The dawn couldn’t come soon enough. I was in season. It seemed that my mother was to be my dragoness.

When I arrived for breakfast, both my father and sister gave me nervous sidelong glances, as had been their way ever since the sorceress visited. I listened to their small talk and bid them goodbye when they left for the day. Then, it was just my mother and me.

“You look tired, Remnic. Did you sleep well?” My mother served me a third helping of porridge. I could see the wooden spoon tremble in her hand. She didn’t make eye contact with me.

“Sleep eluded me. I could not find satisfaction after Gwells’s interruption.” I watched her cheeks flush deeply at this mention of yesterday’s activities. Her shoulders rose in tension. I wished she’d relax. Not a second later, the creases in her face smoothed and her shoulders fell to their ordinary position.

“I am sorry about that, my sweet apple blossom.” She returned the spoon to the kitchen and then stood a few paces away from me. My mother seemed very unsure of herself. “Did you … um … did you want something of me now?”

The dragonish part of my mind wreathed itself in flames of excitement and expectation. This treasure would be mine. “I would like to see your tits again.”

“You would?” Her cheeks were now the color of dragon fire. “If it will help with your affliction, I will show you. But I’ll get them out myself this time. It took quite a bit of mending to fix the dress you tore yesterday.”

While I finished my porridge, my mother slowly pulled down her top. She wore no chest band under her dress. Had she planned to pull down her top the second my father and sister were out the door?

“You have magnificent tits, Mom. Can I have them?” I put down my spoon and pushed my chair away from the table. It was clear from her wide eyes that she’d seen how hard I was under my clothes.

“Pardon?” She stood with her arms by her sides letting me look. She furrowed her brow in puzzlement.

“Your breasts should be mine.” I didn’t know where those words came from. We were now both nonplussed.

“Um … I have pledged my soul and body to your father.” My mother held up her left hand so that I could see her iron ring. But that only made me want the ring! I tried to calm myself.

“I’m sorry, of course.” I continued to stare, not the least bit sorry.

“But you can look at them every day if it helps.” A faint smile painted her lips. “Every day until the sorceress returns with your cure. We have only a week to wait.”

“I would like that.” I reached down and touched the horrible, scaly monster through my trousers. “Now come here and –”

A knock on the door startled us both. I pulled my chair back to the table to hide the pavilion my cock made of my garments. My mother quickly pulled her dress up, hid her boobs away, hurried to the door, and opened it. “Yes?” When she saw who it was, she curtsied. “Lady Lillia, greetings.”

“Greetings.” The elf smiled as she often did, like the whole world was right where she wanted it. “May I come in?”

“Yes, of course.” My mother looked back and shot me a look that said, do not mess with the Lady Lillia. She needn’t have bothered with the warning. We had never hosted one of the Uilins family at our home. This was a monumental occasion. And given my current affliction, it could not be a coincidence. I silently cursed Gwells and her big mouth.

“What a quaint home you have, Missus …” Lillia swept into the room, her gown flowing. The circlet on her head sparkled even without direct light. Like all elves, she was shorter than most humans, but carried herself with might. The elves were mighty.

“My name is Sophie.” My mom curtsied again, averting her eyes.

“And you.” Lillia turned her attention to me. “You are Remnic, the stable boy that I saw running from the bath in the middle of the night. I knew you were trouble.”

“I am a man, full grown. Eighteen years. Not a stable boy.” Oh, gods. Did I say that? I might as well pillory myself and save the elves the trouble. I already knew how much they hated dragons. I commanded my dragonish thoughts to retreat, even for a little while. They might get me killed. My cock finally deflated under the table.

“Oh, ho. I stand corrected.” Lillia’s laugh was lovelier than the ringing of bells. “Mother Sophie. You have errands to run, do you not?” She continued to watch me with an icy gaze. “I would like to speak with your son in private.”

“Yes, of course.” My mother gave me a pleading look. I knew she was praying I behaved. And then she left our home.

“There now.” Lillia sat on the edge of our table and looked down at me. “I hear tell that you traded your boots for a vial of dragon’s blood.” She put her finger to her lips when I tried to speak. “And that you were fool enough to bathe in the stuff. Has it changed you … horribly?” Her smile widened.

“Please.” I tried my best to be humble as befitted my class. “Please, don’t take this any further. The sorceress we hired will have a cure in a matter of days. And she says I will not attract a dragoness. I have only to stay away from … from …”

“Yes? Please continue. This is all so very educational.” When I didn’t respond, she frowned. “Don’t fret. I only know of this because I have an unbecoming interest in your species. None of the other elves would have heard. The archmage would certainly run horrible tests on you if he found out. And the others might exile you. But not me. I have only curiosity. And I can keep a secret.”

“How may I please the Lady Lillia?” I had brought the dragon to heel. I relaxed a little in relief.

“I have an interest in human oddities. Is it true that you are now part dragon?” Lillia’s eyes narrowed. “If so, stand up and show me.”

“You want me to … undress?” I pushed my chair back and stood slowly. I thanked the gods my cock wasn’t hard. “You want to see my …?” I pointed down at my trousers.

“Your species is in my care. It is no different than a cowhand judging a stricken bull.” The indifference on her face made her strikingly gorgeous. “Go on then.”

I willed my cock’s somnolence to continue as I undressed for her. I didn’t know what the elf would do if my arousal became evident. I nervously glanced at the dagger she wore as decoration belted to her gown.

“Oh, my. I’ve never even heard of something like this.” As my cock came into view, she leaned closer but made no move to touch it. “The archmage would be very interested indeed. But, don’t worry.” She glanced at the mortified expression on my face and then looked back down at my hideous, hanging dick. “You shall have my discretion.”

“Thank you.” In that moment, I wanted her but dared not desire a creature so far above me. So, instead I focused on the glittering circlet on her head. It would be the perfect thing to begin my trove. The dragon in me had flown off its tether. “But I charge a price for such a viewing. Perhaps you would part with something so I would know that my deformity had some value to you?”

Lillia’s cheek twitched, and she bit her lip. She looked up into my eyes with something I’d never seen in an elf before: doubt. “I … well … sure.” She reached up onto her head and removed the circlet. “This is nothing but a trinket. Consider it your price paid.” She tossed the shining thing onto the table and laughed. “I will go now. This was quite interesting.” She hopped down from the table and glided to the door without a backward glance. She opened it and was gone, leaving me standing in the middle of the room with a growing erection.

When my mother returned a little later, I was sitting in my chair by the table, working my cock with both hands. The elf had riled me up. Blue cum pooled on the table, partially coating Lillia’s circlet. My mother stared at me with wide eyes and quickly closed the door.

“You can’t do this outside your room, Remnic. Your sister or father could return at any moment.” She caught sight of the spoiled circlet on the table and her eyes nearly bulged out of her head. “What happened with Lady Lillia?” I could tell all sorts of horrible thoughts moved though her head.

“She wanted to … see it. So … I … showed her my … cock.” I continued pumping. “She left me … the treasure … and departed.”

“Oh, my. She gave that to you?” My mother put her hand to her chest. When I didn’t respond, she continued, “Can you not stop touching it? Let’s get you to your room.” She rushed over to me and pulled me from the chair. My hands never left my cock as she guided me into my room and sat me on the bed. “What should I do, Remnic?” She twisted her hands together in indecision. “We still have so many days until the sorceress returns. And now the elves know. We are in trouble.”

“She won’t tell … the others.” I finally let go of my cock, reached up, and pulled her to her knees between my legs. I am not proud to admit that I tore her dress when I exposed her breasts. She still had the same startled expression she’d worn since she returned home as she took my monster into her mouth. She took hold of my cock and awkwardly bobbed her head. “Wrap your tits around my cock, Mom.” I wanted more. I gave in to greed.

She popped her mouth off me and looked up with a dazed expression. “I … don’t understand. Isn’t this good?” Her hands still worked me. “You want my breasts on your penis?”

“Yes.” I nodded. “Wrap them around.” I smiled with pure joy as she removed her fingers from my dick and took a breast in each hand. She wrapped my cock as instructed and moved her breasts up and down. “Like … this?”

“Yes, but we need more … ugh … spit. It’s too … dry.”

“Oh … okay.” I had never seen my mother spit before. It was so unladylike, but she did it with gusto. When she was done spitting, she looked up at me with a nervous smile. “Your thing vibrates so much. I can feel it with my breasts.”

“It’s to please … my … dragoness.” I saw a flicker of fright on her face at that word, but it was quickly replaced with avid concentration. Soon, she moved her mouth closer to the head and licked it each time her breasts bounced against the base of my cock. “You are … mine … Mom.”

“Yes … Remnic … For the … next week … I’m yours,” she said between licks.

“Do you … ugh … want my … cum?” I could feel my heavy balls contracting. It wouldn’t be long.

“I don’t know … when I clean … it looks so … different.” She kept pumping with her boobs and licking. That wasn’t a no, so I let myself go.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Semen the color of blue flame erupted from me. It hit my mother right in the face. I didn’t care. She fell back in surprise and the geyser continued. I could feel the heat of it on my thighs and stomach as it cascaded back down.

“Oh, my … oh, my … oh, my,” My mom muttered as she wiped the stuff from her eyes. When I was done, we both panted and stared at one another. She looked like quite the fallen angel with dragon cum on her hair, face, and tits.

“That elf … really got you … worked up.” She sat forward and tentatively reached for my cock. “You can’t covet an elf, Remnic. It would be the end of us.”

“I … know …” I panted. The human in me struggled to the surface. “I won’t do anything … stupid.”

“It’s still vibrating … and so hard.” She wrapped her hands around the shaft. “For the next week, I will channel the feelings you have … for Lady Lillia. And any other of the fairer sex you fancy.”

“That … sounds … good, Mom.” I watched her lower her mouth and lick cum from the head. “How does it taste?”

“Like salty fire.” She then took me into her mouth and worked me to another release. I was shocked when she eagerly swallowed my next load. Although, most of it did overflow past her lips. We then cleaned up my numerous messes. I hid the circlet away in my room. Together, my mother and I pretended everything was quite under control when my sister and father returned for dinner.

Dragon’s Blood Chapter 4

Over the next several days, I struggled with my dragonish nature. My mother gave me everything she had, disrobing the second my sister and father left each day. She pleasured me with her mouth and tits but resisted my further advances. It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t press her.

My mother’s initial shock at handling my hideousness wore off. She seemed almost at ease with my terrible, malformed cock. She spent much of her time each day working me to my climaxes and the rest cleaning up the resulting mess we made. Her chores were mostly forgotten. She was responsible for fishing for the family. We had no fish to eat that week. And our small house became shabbier and dirtier than ever I remembered it.

Finally, the day came for Yezzeh the Wise to return. My mother and I put off my pleasure and waited for the sorceress. But there was no sign of her. Without release, or even a glimpse of my mother’s tits all day, the fire inside me roared. When I went to bed, I immediately took care of myself. But it wasn’t nearly enough. I barely slept that night, my thoughts consumed by the hungry pleasures I wished to take with my mother and even the untouchable Lady Lillia.

The next morning, there was still no sign of the sorceress.

“I will travel to Yezzeh and see what has happened.” My mother looked like she had slept little. She wrung her hands together.

“That is a long journey without a horse. Two days at best. And there is much to do around here.” My father looked with disapproval at the state of his home. “Remnic has weathered the first two weeks without incident. In retrospect, his condition seems a minor inconvenience.”

My mother looked like she wanted to say something, but she only wrung her hands harder. If only Father had known how she had handled the situation, he would not have considered my condition a trifle.

“It’s getting worse, Father.” I was still blazing on the inside from the chastity of the day before. “I need the sorceress.” Or, I did not say, I need to quench my lust with his wife.

“Very well.” My father sighed. “Go, Sophie. Come back as soon as you can.”

My mother nodded. She stood and moved over to my sister. She gave her a kiss on the cheek. She did the same for my father. She then hugged me tightly. “Don’t get into trouble while I’m gone,” she whispered in my ear.

We ate breakfast while she packed. She gave us one more round of kisses. Then, she was out the door and off to discover Yezzeh.

My sister and I cleared the table. My father sat in his chair, looking quite put out. “We need fish.” He looked over at me. “Remnic, take Gwells and two rods to the river. Don’t come back without a prize catch. I’ll smoke them tonight.”

“But Father …” Gwells whined. “I was going to pick flowers with my friends for the market today.” I didn’t know if that was true. I did know she wanted nothing to do with me. That was true even before I was cursed.

“Pick flowers another day. We need fish.” My father shook his head.

“Um … Father … Maybe I should go to the river by myself?” I didn’t like the wondered of being alone with Gwells for all sorts of reasons. Most notably, the bonfire of cravings tearing at my heart.

“I need someone to keep an eye on you the way your mother has.” It was clear from my father’s darkening visage that he’d had enough of this conversation. “And we need two lines in the water to make up for the week. You will both go. Pack up your fishing gear and get moving.”

My sister and I grumbled, but we did as he said.

Gwells made me carry all the gear. She walked ahead of me on the trail, not saying a word. Maybe she wondered that was some kind of punishment, but it was only adding fuel to my fire. My gaze fixed on the way her round ass moved under her dress with each step. Despite all my efforts to quell my cock during the night, I was already hard. I had to tuck the vibrating thing under my belt. It took us an hour to hike out to our family fishing spot on the river.

When we arrived, I set down the gear. I was huffing and puffing. We were out in the middle of the forest with only the animals to keep us business. I wondered about whether there might be dragons in the wood. But they hadn’t come this far south in centuries.

“You catch fish, I’m going to take a nap.” Gwells walked off toward a shaded glade.

Rage, greed, and hunger all boiled over. I clenched my fists, wondering how to make her do her fair distribute.

“Actually, I’ll help you, Remnic.” She turned around and walked back to me. “I want to do my fair share.”

“You do?” I had changed her mind without uttering a word. This was what a dragon did to his dragoness. “Great, let’s fish.”

We got out our gear, put on our hats and sat on the grassy bank. In the first two hours, I caught three trout. She caught one. We were mostly silent, surrounded by birdsong and the wind in the trees.

“Why do you keep staring at me like that?” She gave me a haughty, sidelong glance.

“Don’t you like the way I stare at you?” The rage had gone, but I was now all but consumed by greed and hunger. I wanted her. And I wanted her to want me back. My father was a fool for sending us out here.

“Yeah, I do.” She smiled. “Is it because you’re concerned everyone thinks you’re some sort of monster? Because they do. They think your thing is too horrible to imagine.” She looked down at my trousers. “Is it? Is it hideous?”

“Why don’t you judge for yourself?” I put down my fishing rod and unclasped my belt. I wanted my sister. I needed my sister. The licking flames of dragon-thought seared my mind. I pulled down my trousers and released my cock. I could hear her gasp as the sunlight hit it.

“It is … horrible.” She dropped her fishing rod in the grass and put her hands up to her eyes. She peeked at my cock through her fingers. “Don’t touch it!” Her jaw dropped when I stroked it. “Oh … gods … Remnic … what are you …?”

“I am overwrought, Gwells. Let me see your breasts.” I stared at the bust of her dress. When she didn’t move, I grew angry. “Let me see your tits, Gwells.” My voice echoed back from the tree line on the other side of the river.

Gwells tore her dress and chest band in her hurry to reveal her tits. She looked down with wide eyes at her pale, exposed flesh. It seemed she had less resistance to my powers than my mother. And if that were the case, there was no sense delaying the inevitable.

“Despite your callow inhospitality toward me, I find you a beautiful creature.” I pulled my trousers and underwear all the way off. “I must have you, Gwells. You are now mine.” I pulled off my shirt.

“Me?” The color drained out of her face. “I … couldn’t … I’m your sister … you’re my snotty little brother.”

“I am eighteen, and I will abide no more insults from you.” Anger returned to my voice. “Stand and undress.”

“Okay.” She quickly stood and pulled off her torn dress. She took off her boots, socks, and underwear. Her pale skin shone like a beacon in the sunlight.

“Spin for me.”

“Is this good?” Gwells held out her arms and spun.

“It is good.” I nodded and leaned further back in the grass and spread my legs. “Now come kneel before me and see what you can do with your mouth.”

“I … can’t.”

“I know about you and the miller’s son.” I narrowed my eyes. “You could do it for him.”

“It’s not that.” Her eyebrows rose as she pleaded with me to figure out. “Gods help me, I want to do it. But it’s too big. No woman could do what you ask.”

I wondered about telling her about Mother. I decided that might break the spell. “All I ask is that you try.”

Gwells moved over to me and sank to her knees in the grass. I sent thoughts to her that my cock looked less hideous than before. That it was a grand thing, proud and strong. Her expression softened. She reached out with trembling fingers, but withdrew them quickly when she made contact with the head. “It rattles like a runaway cart.”

“So I’ve heard.” I watched her tentatively reach out for it again. “Get on with it, Gwells. I’m burning up.”

“I am yours … for today,” she whispered. Her fingers squeezed the thrumming, veiny thing. “It does feel hot.” She looked up into my eyes for approval as her tongue darted out and licked the turgid flesh. “You … taste … different,” she said between licks. She lowered her mouth and opened wide. The humming head just fit inside. “Mmmppppphhhhhh.” With one hand she pumped the fat shaft. With the other, she found one of my balls.

“Keep going … ugh … bob your head … come on …” Frustration mounted. My sister was not as accomplished at oral sex as my mother. I pulled her mouth off my cock. “With your tits. Milk me with your tits.”

“Oh … okay.” Gwells was all enthusiasm and no technique. It was not enough to satisfy me.

“That’s not working …” I enjoyed the sight of her awkward movements with her breasts, but the feeling left something to be desired. “Enough. Mount me.” A very tiny voice in my head told me that this was exactly the kind of trouble my mother had told me to stay out of. But that voice was drowned out by the howling gale of greed and desire.

“I’ve only done it a few times, Remnic. I don’t think I can …” She convulsed and fell in the grass. “My vagina … is throbbing.” A rapturous scream erupted from her. “What’s … happening … to … meeeeeeeeee.”

“You are my dragoness, Gwells. Your body is readying itself for my claim.” I closed my eyes for a moment with a vision upon my mind. I saw a dragoness and a great dragon eager her opening wider to accept him. This was the dragon way. “Now, mount me.”

Still trembling, Gwells climbed up on me and positioned her pussy above my cock. “Go … slow … Remnic.” She grasped me and guided the invader into her pussy. Her body, seeking its own bliss perhaps, did not heed her own request for a languid pace. Within a few moments’ time, she planted her feet in the grass, her legs went taut, and she pummeled her pussy on my monster.

Unlike Gwells, I had never joined another in such a way. My time with my mother had been wonderful, but this pleasure went well beyond that. Her pussy clutched me perfectly, tight but accommodating. Her ass slapped down on my upper thighs. Her breasts bounced in mirroring circles. Her face was twisted, with eyes vacant. I had spent the last few years thinking my sister was good for nothing. All it took was trading my boots to understand she was perfect for something. “Gods … Gwells.”

“Oh … Remnic … oh … I feel it … in my … belly.” Her eyelids fluttered, and her fingers clutched the air, as her first orgasm swept through her. She humped me like that until her body could no longer continue its efforts. “We … have to … switch … positions.” She pulled herself off me and lay on her back in the grass. She opened her legs wide. Her smile was lopsided, twisted by fatigue and pleasure.

“I have never … done this … before …” I moved between her legs.

“I am … honored to … teach … you.” She held my shoulder with one hand, and my cock with the other. Her hand moved to my butt when I entered her. She guided my movements for a while, but I was a fast learner. Soon, I pounded her into the grass. Her cries chased the birds from nearby trees. We stayed in that position for a long time.

“Gwells … I’m … Gwells … get ready …” I was finally close. My sister only made guttural noises in response to my warnings. But that tiny voice in my head braved the flames of greed and pleaded with me to finish anywhere but inside her. Who knew what dragon sperm would do to a woman? This time, I heeded the voice. I pulled out of her and pumped my cock with my hands. With a series of grunts, I sprayed her with cum the color of blue flame. She writhed under me, clearly lost in her own pleasure.

It took us a long time to discover the energy to move. Eventually, we waded into the river and cleaned off. By the time we started dressing, the western sky was filled with purples and reds. We collected our fish and gear, both carrying an equal amount. Then we headed home.

“That was … incredible, Remnic.” Gwells strode a few paces behind me on the trail. “You have not done that with any other woman?”

“I was a virgin, Gwells.”

“Oh.” She was silent a long time, lost in her thoughts. “Mother won’t be home for at least a day. Would you like to …” She paused. “If you need me again, I’m yours.”

“I know, Gwells.” I smiled. My trove was growing. The humanity inside me was receding. “You should plan on staying home tomorrow.”

“Okay,” she squeaked. We walked the rest of the way in silence.

I’ve written this story through chapter 16, including the finale. All chapters are available on my website. You can discover the link in my Reddit account if you’re interested. If you prefer to wait, I’ll post about a chapter a month here. All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

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