Door-to-door sales girl watches me jerk for her [MF]

For some reason, we get a lot of door-to-door salespeople where I live. I answered the door today to discover a really pretty girl, very early 20s, with incredibly light blonde hair. She was stunning. The uniform she was wearing was clearly hiding a tight trim body too.

Before the doorbell rang, I’d been jerking off in the living room in just my shorts and a t-shirt. The only reason I stopped was because I knew a delivery was due to arrive and didn’t want to miss it. Result was I was stood at the door with my hard dick in the waistband of my shorts, under my t-shirt.

The girl started her spiel. I tried to let on that I wasn’t interested but she was relentless. Her sales pitch was actually really good. It went on long enough that my dick, still hard, slipped from under the elastic and was nestled quite clearly making a tent in my shorts. I saw her eyes flick down, then back up, then back down a couple of times. She didn’t break from her pitch even for a beat.

I was home alone so decided to push things a bit and moved my hand to ‘scratch’ my dick slowly. Her eyes moved down and lingered for longer. I went for it.

“I was actually in the middle of something. I can’t buy anything at the minute”.
She gave me the line from her script to overcome this objection but I pressed on.
“You can come in and watch me finish off if you like?”

She looked a little shocked, a little amused. Certainly not repulsed. I knew there was a chance here. She said she couldn’t come in but I convinced her to just stand in the porch and I would move back into the corridor (so the neighbours couldn’t see). I stepped back and she followed, standing just inside the door.

I popped my shorts down a little so my dick was fully out and stroked for her, telling her how gorgeous she was, how turned on I was by her and how I was imagining she looked under her clothes. I asked a couple of times if she’d like to help me but she said she was happy watching both times. She’d look up to make eye contact occasionally but mostly stared at my cock. She let out a cute little gasp as I came and stood back slightly to move clear, as I angled myself so my cum would shoot forward and land near her. It ended up just at her feet.

I thanked her for watching and she said thank you and left. I ended up stroking again soon after and hope she enjoyed what she saw to play with herself when she got home later. If nothing else, it’s given her a good story!

NSFW: yes

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