Don’t think. Just feel. [MMF]

What am I doing? I shouldn’t be here. This is crazy. And dangerous.

He’s standing so close to me. I’m pressed up against a wall. I can’t step back to make a space between us. He’s looking down at me, a smile – not quite a wolf’s smile – is playing at his lips. I think I hear a low rumble in his chest – hear it? Or do I feel it?

I only had a couple drinks. Why did I agree to come home with them?

Them? Oh yes, there’s another one. I think he’s in the kitchen making us drinks.

My brains all foggy. It can’t be the alcohol, I only had three. It must be the adrenaline. Or the fear. Anything could happen. I have no control here.

He must see my fear. He – Gary, I think. Yes, Gary with subtle streaks of gray in his hair. He holds my face with both hands. He tilts my head back and leans down to kiss me.

His lips are soft, his beard tickles my chin. His kiss is strong, possessive – but not invasive. It sort of reassures me.

His hands slide from my face, down my neck, my back. He cups my ass with both hands, pulling me into him. I can feel his excitement pressed against me. A sensation I can not quite describe radiates from inside me. A longing? An emptiness?

Don’t think. Just feel.

My hands are on his chest. He has a broad chest – strong, but not all hard, harsh muscle.

He’s still kissing me. His hands pull the back of my dress up. My body is radiating heat. He has to feel it. His fingers slide inside my panties.

He’s grabbing my ass so hard – not painfully, but insistently. Pulling me against him. Pulling me up onto my toes.

Is he wanting to lift me? Does he want me to hop up and wrap my legs around him? But what if he’s not ready? What if he drops me? What if I make this awkward and ruin the moment?

Don’t think. Just feel.

And no, he’s not trying to lift me. He’s grasping, massaging, running his hands up and down my ass.

There’s a rhythm to it. Almost involuntarily my hips are matching his rhythm, pressing myself up against him.

My body is pulsating. Can he feel it? Oh god can he feel how wet I am after only a couple moments?

Don’t think. Just feel.

He’s breaking off the kiss, sliding his hands from my ass to my hips. He’s smiling at me. It’s not a predatory smile, but it is a hungry one.

He grabs hold of my hand and turns away. “Come on,” he says, and he leads me into the living room. He drops my hand as he walks and is unbuttoning his shirt. He lets his shirt fall open as he sits on the couch.

I’m awkward. I don’t know where he wants me. Oh, but he’s grabbing my hips. He’s pulling me to him, guiding me to stand between his knees.

His hands are on my thighs and he’s looking up at me. So much hunger. He’s sliding his hands up my legs to my hips. My dress bunches up around my waist.

Oh my god. He is so close. What if …

His lips are on me.

Don’t think. Just feel.

He’s kissing my hip, my stomach, down to my other hip. Soft, sucking kisses.

I don’t know what to do with my hands. I bury them in his hair. My breath catches as his lips brush over my panties. The low rumble in his chest tells me he noticed my reaction and he approves.

He’s pulling me onto his lap and I’m following his lead. I lower myself onto his lap. I can feel how much he wants me. He must feel it too, the warmth between my legs.

He’s running his hands up my sides, dragging my dress over my head. I’m not wearing a bra – my breasts are small and I don’t really need one. Oh god, what if he doesn’t …

His mouth is on my breast. Instantly. No hesitation. Kissing. Licking. Sucking me into his mouth.

I can not control my reaction. My hands are on the back of his head, pulling his mouth harder on to me. I’m pressing myself down on him, grinding my hips, and I can not restrain my moan behind my lips.

When he moved his mouth from one breast to the other the cool air hits the moisture his tongue left behind. My nipple is hard and sensitive. He brushing circles around it with his thumb while kissing my other breast.

“Oh god”

Oh god. Did I say that out loud?

He’s growling something. I can’t figure out it. The words won’t penetrate my brain. I can’t think. I can only feel.

He’s grabbing my ass again. Lifting me up. I follow his lead, lifting myself off his lap.

He’s unzipping his pants, shifting them down, pulling himself free of them. I want to encourage him. I want him to hurry. I want him to fill me.

I’m leaning over and kissing him as he’s shifting my body, sliding my panties out of his way. His hands are on my thighs and he’s arching his hips. He is pressing himself into me, forceful but not violent. He lifts my body and lowers me, pushing me onto him in rhythm with him pushing into me.

One. Two. Three. Four. And he is completely inside me. I am on his lap again and he is filling me.

I am leaning over him, and raising my hips up. I feel him sliding inside me and I can barely breath. I push myself back down on him, riding him, feeling him deep inside me.

I want to do good. I want him to enjoy me.

His mouth is on my neck. It sends a current of sensation through my body. The feel of him inside me meets the hum of his mouth on my neck, the sensations meet in the middle, somewhere deep inside me.

His hands are on my hips again, lifting and pushing, moving me to his pace. I don’t have to think. Just follow his lead. Just feel.

I see movement out the corner of my eye. Oh god. The other one. I forgot his name. I forgot he was here.

Tyson maybe? Tyson in the tshirt, yeah. He’s leaning against the doorway, a drink in his hand. He’s watching. Smiling – his smile is more predatory.

Tyson was more aggressive, more demanding. But Gary was the one I really followed here. He winks and I close my eyes. I don’t know how to process this. I can’t think.

Gary’s holding me up and thrusting into me. So much force my arms go weak. I fall into him, my head buried in his neck. He’s thrusting so hard, just edging the line of pain.

I’m making sounds now. I can’t help it. My eyes are closed tight. No thinking.

I’m pushing myself onto him. I can’t help myself. I’m grinding against him. I’m close. I can’t stop. His hands are on my thighs, pushing me down hard. Now he is following my rhythm. He must know I’m close. Tyson probably knows too. The whole world must know.

I don’t care. I am desperate. I am frantic. I need it.

My whole world turns white. Pleasure so intense I can’t even stand it consumes my entire body. I can’t control myself. My body convulses. Sounds escape my mouth. A moment of eternity and then I collapse.

I’m laying on his chest now, my body shifting and sliding of its on volition. Push myself up. He is still hard inside me. My eyes are still closed. I can’t bare to see his face right now. But he is still hard inside me. I start to lift myself up again, to ride him, to make sure he gets his pleasure.

But he’s stopping me. He lifts me up and pulls himself out of me. He sets me back down on his lap. On not in.

I hear movement behind me. There is a hand on my back.


He pushing me down. Pushed me flat on Gary’s chest. It is intimate. Our naked skin pressed together.

I hear the zipper. I sense the movement behind me. I feel him press against me.

I open my eyes. My head is on Gary’s shoulder. He is looking into my eyes, his hungry smile fills the room. His hand slides up my body and wraps around my throat. A strong hand. A large hand. Holding my neck with just enough pressure to give me an inkling of his strength.

Pressure around my throat. More pressure between my legs.

I am filled again.

No thinking. Just feeling.

NSFW: yes

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