Don’t shower with your girl and a monster dicked friend …

A while ago on vacation we rented a big house with some mates and my girl and their girls that had a pool.

It also had a communal outdoor shower that had 4 separate doors to each cubicle but once in there, there were no dividers and you were basically exposed to the other bathers.

My group of mates are fairly chill with nudity and being undressed and while nobody will do anything too risqué, walking around in boxers or underwear or sharing a hotel room and being naked or the occasional naked prank isn’t unheard of.

One day I was feeling frisky and me and my girl used the pool and then the outdoor shower by ourselves. I playfully stripped off in the cubicle next to her and drew her attention to that and made a joke about being an exhibitionist. She kept her bikini on.

My friend and girl used the pool and then came to use the communal shower, whilst I was naked.

His girl walked in first and I made a quick attempt to cover up but stumbled and ended up just holding my shorts in front of me.

‘don’t be silly, we’re all mates, it’s just a shower’ she said and I revelled in dropping the shorts and standing there between two girls in bikinis whilst totally naked and chatting.

5 minutes later my buddy walks in. I remember getting nervous about this as I know he’s got a bit of a weapon…

He walked in in his shorts and started washing and I wondered I’d get away with him being clothed.

His girl pipes up ‘you not gonna go naked babe? (my name) has braved it!’.

I knew what his response would be.

I saw his shorts hit the ground and the largest soft penis I’ve ever seen swung between his legs. It was monstrous and so much larger than mine

Nobody said anything for a while but I could tel there was some looks being stolen by my girl and his girl was comparing.

We showered for 5 minutes and he asked me and my girl to pass him shampoo, body wash etc whilst facing us which I think was an excuse to look at us and show it off

He washed himself in such a way which seemed to swing his giant sausage about and seemed to enjoy talking to my girl and his girl as he stood there naked.

10 more minutes of being dwarfed by this penis went by before my girl and his girl exited and left us there alone for a further minute or two…

Since then I’ve had a few attempts to recreate this with him and a girl present with varying degrees of success.

NSFW: yes

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