Dirty talk hits hard last tonight

Wife and I have at all times had good vaginal sex. But last night was different. It hit way harder. I think it’s because the dirty talk took on a different tone. I was more direct about what she’s probably thinking about. Or at least what I want her to think about. Encouraging her to acknowledge that she’s imagining another guy with a big cock deep inside her married pussy. Having her tell me how much she loves to spread her legs for this guys big cock. Her sexy, curvy body is so vulnerable, legs spreading wider, pussy gripping tighter to feel his big cock inside her as deeply as efficient. We lock eyes. Her face is full of lust. We both feel a deep connection and she pulls me in closer. It’s now that I truly feel like I’m getting a glimpse into what it would be like to watch my wife fuck a bigger cock. And it’s hot as hell. Her facial expressions, body movements all amplified to the max. Her uttered moans are deeper and more sultry. I’m now talking as if I’m fucking her with a big cock while her mind is free to imagine any cock or cocks that she wants to. It’s got me rock hard. There’s a more dominant tone to tempo and pace of my thrusts. I can feel it. So can she. She says she’s about to cum. So am I. I ask her to tell me she’s going to cum so hard on my big cock. She does. Her head tilts back and up. She begins moaning louder. She’s going to orgasm all over my cock. Her vagina squeezes tight and vibrates up and down my cock as her hips are shaking wildly as I’m still dominating her throbbing pussy. I pull out and unload all over her. I collapse on top of her. We hold each other while I smother her neck with licks and kisses. We both know tonight was different, better, more intense and we both know why. Her mind was effectively set free and she was able to imagine fucking whatever guy and his big cock she wanted to at that time. Could be an ex from the past, a one night stand or some hot guy she had a short fling with. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is she came super hard and our shared intimacy continues to flourish.

NSFW: yes

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