Diary of a Housewife [F37/M45] – Short Sex Story

Dear diary,

I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. as usual. I put the dogs out, relieved myself, washed my hands, then made his coffee. Three scoops, purified water not the distilled. I took out the dinner that I had made last night and packaged some leftovers. He really loves my casseroles. I put them in his lunch bag, along with a note. It reads:

“To my love, I hope your day goes well. I will be waiting when you get home.”

I put the bag back in the fridge and let the dogs in. I went to his closet, grabbed the ironing board, and set it up. I grab the iron and the spray bottle and set them on the board. I plug in the iron. I reach into his closet and I take out his suit. Dry cleaned. But his shirt is a little wrinkled. I lay it on the board and take the iron to it. And just a few moments later, his shirt is crisp and white. I hang them all up, and wait for the clock to change.

As soon as the clock reads 6 a.m. I crawl into bed with him. He’s sleeping on his back, not his side like usual. I slide underneath the covers and feel his hip gently. He is nude. I maneuver myself so that I can put my mouth on his cock. I softly kiss it inhaling his scent. I draw the tip into my mouth and he begins to grow hard. I began to service him. Taking him into my throat as he begins to stir. I feel his legs spread open and I hear him groan. I pull my mouth off of his cock and wrap my hand around the base pumping gently. I put my face to his balls and I lick the globes that I have craved since I woke up. They are my breakfast. They are part of my reason for waking up. As I kiss his warm pouch, lick the velvety skin, and suck at the orbs of my desire,  I feel his hand on mine. He pulls me up and kisses me. 

He has me spit into his hand. This morning will be different. This morning he’s gonna take my ass. As he slides two fingers into me I moan softly against them. I lean forward and kiss his neck. He whispers to me and I nod and reach back pulling my cheeks aside. He aims the rubbery head of his large cock at the entrance to me. Slowly, I push back and feel him pressed against me. I silently gasp and exhale slowly as he breaks the barrier and begins to enter my depths. I lower myself onto him until his thick cock is sunk into me completely. I look down at him and start to rock my hips slowly. His hands wander my body and they search for something they can not discover.

I can hear his breath quicken as I undulate on top of him. I can feel his member swell inside of me. I start to move more forcefully now, deliberately. My ass grasped at him begging him to empty himself into me. My pleas are soon answered, as my lover groans deeply through his teeth. I can feel I’m searching inside of me and I can feel his seed splashing against the walls of my ass. I hold his shoulders to steady myself. I feel him finishing his breath deep and ragged. He pulls my face to his and kisses Me Gently. I climb off of him, emptying from me, dumping across his thigh and onto the bed sheets. That’s another load of laundry I need to add to my list. With my hand on my ass, I go to the bathroom and prepare his shower. I climb in and rinse myself off. I open the door for him and he steps inside. I wash him from toes to nose. Paying special attention to get the cum off of him. As he finishes I start to tell him off as the water comes to a stop. Once dried I leave him to get dressed.

I made sure there was a thermos of coffee, his briefcase, his keys, all sitting on the table next to the door. He comes in looking as handsome as the day I met him, even more so now that he’s got a little gray in his hair and a couple of streaks in his beard. I adjust his tie and kiss him telling him to have a good day. I watch him as he leaves. He waves at me today. Once he’s gone I start on the chores.

The first thing I do is pick up the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. The living room was cleaned last night. I walk to the utility room and start the four loads of laundry I need to have finished. Including the bedsheets. I stripped myself completely and put on the outfit. My uniform. Small Maids apron, and a butt plug. I get the vacuum and the dustpan and start to clean the floors. It doesn’t take long. Once they are finished I get the mop and clean the kitchen tile, and then the bathroom. Once I had accomplished those chores, I sent him a picture. It’s me, bent over in the outfit. He tells me to edge and I do. I sent him a picture. He calls me a good girl. I go about cleaning the bathroom, wiping down the shower, cleaning the toilet, and the sink. I look at myself in the mirror, and I smile. I am lucky.

I wipe the mirror down and dispose of all of the trash. I look at the clock. It’s lunchtime. Since he wants me to watch my weight, I eat a small salad and a spoonful of peanut butter. I dispose of my lunch mess. And switch out the laundry. I start prepping for dinner, chopping ingredients and getting the bread baking. I laid out the pan and began to make the lasagna. Layer of sauce, layer of cheese sauce, and so on. I place it in the fridge to set and clean up the mess in the kitchen. I text him and let him know that I will finish with the chores. He calls me a good girl.

As time goes on I pull the bread out of the oven and set it to cool, I then get the lasagna into the oven to bake. I got a text message from him. It has been a long and rough day, he will be home late. “Only about an hour,” he says. I sent him back a message telling him that I will be ready. I can feel something in my stomach start to grow, a feeling of sadness, my lover had a long day.

I hear his car pull up a few hours later. I have a scotch and cigar ready to go. He comes in and kisses my cheek, not my lips, not this time. He takes the scotch and cigar, he drinks the scotch straight down, he does not light the cigar. He asks if I’m ready, and I nod. He leads me into the living room to the ottoman. I lay down on it, and feel him cuff me into place. I hear him walk to the closet behind me. I hear it open and I hear something from the back of the door get lifted off the hook. I feel something hard yet pliable caress my backside. I start to grow aroused. I hear something slice through the air and before it registers a searing pain crosses my backside. I Yelp in pain, and moments later another one occurs I Yelp again. After 15 I can feel my backside resembling a zebra. He stops, he lifts my chin and he kisses me. I have pleased him. He uncovers me and sends me to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I serve him and climb under the table. I take his cock into my mouth and start to suck him. He eats his dinner and tells me about his day. Once he is finished, he relaxes and lets me continue. Soon he’s telling me that he’s gonna come, and shortly after I start to swallow. I cleaned his cock and put it away. I turn the game on and get him another drink. He lights his cigar and smiles.

I clean the kitchen and settle in next to him. He holds me close and Cuddles with me. I won’t be coming today, he informs me. I let him know that I find out. Soon he is falling asleep in his chair. I helped him to the bedroom, and get him into bed. I crawl in with him and he wraps his arms around me. I can feel his large cock pressed against my backside. He kisses the back of my neck and wishes me good night. He tells me he loves me. I tell him I love him too.

Sometimes it’s good to be a housewife.

NSFW: yes

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