Diaries do not lie – Part 5 Things Heat Up (Alex)

Things between Alex and Chris are about to heat up. Let’s what Alex wrote down into her diary.
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Alex’s diary (excerpts)


Mark was a real dick again today. I’ve noticed for a long time that he doesn’t enjoy his job anymore and that his boss always makes his life hell. But does he always have to take his bad mood out on me? His work always comes first and when he is stressed, he pays zero attention to me. Chris is completely different – I can permanently feel how he undresses me with his looks and whenever I am lightly dressed in his presence, there is a clear reaction in his pants. It feels good to be desired like this again.

Tonight he massaged me as my muscles in my thigh were once again giving me trouble. It felt so good when he touched me with his big strong hands. Not long and I was completely lost in my lust. I just had to know how far he would go and pulled up my skirt to present my bare bottom to him. He immediately got into it and massaged me so well that I couldn’t help but push my panties to the side and invite him to touch me everywhere. Being touched by him there felt so good. I had to pull myself together not to scream my lust out loud as Mark was on the phone in the room next to us. It didn’t take long and Chris had made me cum so hard.

Afterwards, the three of us went downstairs for a drink, but the mood was strange. Chris was very quiet and also said goodnight early. Mark and I stayed and talked a little bit longer. When we went to bed, I waited until Mark fell asleep next to me and then sneaked into Chris’ room. He was still awake and was visibly surprised to see me. I told him to be quiet and took off my T-shirt. So I was only standing in front of him with only a thong and he had a perfect view of my breasts. Then I walked over to him and pulled down his boxers. What I got to see was more than I had hoped for. Not that I was unhappy with Mark for that matter, but Chris package was really a treat. I started jerking him off slowly with my hand while taking the head of his cock between my lips. My caresses pleased him noticeably and he began to moan softly. My hand moved faster and my lips sucked harder on his swollen head until he finally unloaded into my mouth in a never-ending gush of cum. Finally I could taste him, finally I could help him to cum through my touch. I swallowed his load and afterwards I quickly jumped up, grabbed my t-shirt and went back to our bedroom. I couldn’t help but wake Mark up and ask him to fuck me. He was surprised at first, but then complied with my request. As he lay on top of me and was deep inside me, I thought of no one but Chris. Not long and I was had another powerful orgasm. I wonder how Chris will react after today’s events…

NSFW: yes

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