Desire of the Day – Day 1 Part 6 [MF30+][POV][Coworker][Story] – Short Sex Story

[Part 5](

In a panic you let go of me and immediately pull down on your dress whilst frantically whipping your head side to side to look for the culprit. You cannot see anyone and as you turn to start to query me, you hear noises. The sounds of chatting and laughing, though the words aren’t discernable. Then you see, coming from the path we took to arrive here, a group of a few young lads walking along.

You hop off the wood and stand behind me clenching my arms tight, “oh my god what if they saw us?” you quickly hiss.

“They didn’t, though they might have heard you, you moan like a dying person.” I chuckle and you quickly slap my back.

I laugh harder and feign pain.

“It’s not funny, let’s go back” you hiss again and we set off.

As we pass, the group approaching quieten a little but otherwise we pass each other without opinion. After a few steps I lean toward you and say in one of those volumes you cannot tell if anyone else but you can hear,

“you reckon they could smell your orgasm on me?”, a little shocked you hit me and we walk a bit further before you respond,

“that’s not funny, they could’ve seen us.”

Sensing your tone I respond calmly, “I heard them a lot sooner than you, you were a little distracted. I came here because its so dense you have to be a bit closer to see people. Besides. They wouldn’t have seen anything, I was a bit buried in there.”

With the last sentence my voice signalling a bit of ribbing. Your hand finds and squeezes mine before responding, “still, we’re not doing that again”.

“Yes we are, but next time wear appropriate shoes” looking down at your black work shoes.

“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you’d be taking me into the woods to scare me to death getting caught with your head between my legs!” you retort.

Laughing again I stop and pull you towards me.

“For all your complaining you seemed to love it”.

“But what about you?” and as you say it you regret it, thinking ‘I’m already super sensitive I’m not sure I can!’.

Thankfully, but a little disappointingly you think, I shake my head smiling and say

“no, this was just for you, you’ll have to owe me one” and i give you a quick kiss as I squeeze your hand.

“Errr you put your dick in my arse and jizzed in my mouth! I think you’ll find you owe me!” you say.

“I think you’ll find we both jizzed in each others mouths. And you just attempted to choke me out with your pussy so we’re even on the arse thing. Besides” I pause “you seemed to enjoy it in your arse the most.”

We head back to our vehicles holding hands and joking about what happened.

You get in your car, I mount my bike. Before I leave I pop up my visor and shout “don’t forget what I said! You’ve been warned!”

With that I reach in my pocket and throw your thong to you through the window. You catch it and throw it behind you before watching me quickly speed off. Leaving you sat in the car smiling, with the sun penetrating the leaves to brush your face. As you drive home in silence, music would only distract your day dreaming, you again ponder what you’ll wear tomorrow and where we’ll go. Then you wonder whether it’ll ever happen again, or was this a one off?

As you leave the rural green and enter the drab greys of the city, your mood dampens as you realise how much more peaceful, and private, the countryside is. You get to your drive and step out your car. Your bra laying in the footwell where you threw it, your thong has disappeared somewhere, perhaps down the side of the seat,  you don’t notice. You head to the door and go inside.

NSFW: yes

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