Desire of the Day – Day 1 Part 5 [MF30+][POV][Coworker][Public][Story] – Short Sex Story

[Part 4](

Twenty minutes later you’re on the motorway. A familiar shape appears in your mirror and you see a bike approaching. As it passes, you wave with a large smirk on your face. You think about riding on the back of the bike, reaching round me to grab my cock as we travel. You begin feeling hot again and as you leave the motorway you open your window. Passing through the traffics lights and joining the roundabout you see the bike pulled up at a petrol station and pull in.

“Fancy seeing you here” you shout out the window as you open the door and step out.

The rider turning round makes you realise it’s not me and you laugh embarrassed.

“Sorry thought you were someone else”, you say, and awkwardly start filling your car.

The biker looks at you says “no worries” and goes to leave before doing a double take.

He can see your nipples through your dress top and smiles to himself, his face hidden under his helmet. He nods towards you and leaves. At this you hear a voice,

“Fancy seeing you here”.

You turn to look and see me behind your car at the next pump.

“Haha did you see that” you ask.

“Yes, I saw you give that lovely biker a scare then a show” I respond.

“A show?”, confusion passing over you.

“Yes. I can see your… ahem… chest extrusions…. from here!”.

You look down and immediately clutch your arm to your chest to mask the obvious pyramid shapes as your nipples point through the material.

“Oh fuck it” you say before going back to filling the car. I’m laughing away and you smile.

“Did you follow me?” you ask as we walk inside to pay.

“Obviously” I say sarcastically, “I mean do you really think I’d hang back looking for an opportunity to stop next to you in the hopes of seeing you again. Then put only a few quid of fuel in my bike just to make it not look obvious? AND THEN!” my voice raising in a dramatic fashion, arms making sweeping motions, “Fantasing about your hand gripping something other than that petrol pump and getting jealous?”

I finish with a small weary shake of my head, “its like you don’t know me at all”.

You look at me disapprovingly and say “so once wasn’t good enough was it” and give me a “you’re stuck now” expression.

Without pause I say “No. Is one piece of chocolate enough? Or does it make you feel, and taste, so good you want more?”.

Smiling, we return to our vehicles and you say, “so what now? I need to go home”.

“Your turn to follow me, it’ll be quick I promise,” and I pull ahead of you as you start doubting whether to follow.

I pull up in a car park next to some trees and dismount. Pulling in next to me you wait for me to get in the car, wondering to yourself whether you want me to, a little scared you might not be able to take it again so soon. But I instead signal you to get out and you follow my lead into the trees. Only a short walk in you realise how quiet it is, you cannot even hear the motorway anymore, and approach a fallen tree.

“This’ll do” I say and as you look around to see what I’m talking about I’ve grabbed hold of you with both hands and have begun kissing you passionately.

Taken in the moment you wrap your hands around my neck as both of mine clench under your bum and hoist you into the air. I rest you down gently on the fallen tree, a quick repositioning shuffle by you, to get comfortable, before continuing to kiss. My hands on your legs my body between them. The warm air with the smell of the forest making you feel very relaxed.

“There’s one last thing I want to do before you change your mind” I say between kisses.

You respond “what’s that?” and I slide down to my knees and start kissing the insides of your legs softly, raising your dress with my hand as I work my way up.

I pull on your thong, making you shift your weight as you sit on it, before I get it off your legs and stuff it in my pocket before continuing my leg kisses. My kisses reach your clit and softly press against it repeatedly. My head tilting I do a long slow lick from the bottom of your moist lips up to the clit. Juices from inside you and my mouth combining to further lubricate each lick, I hope I’ve got wet wipes left, you think to yourself. You used a few to clean yourself earlier.

Your fingers run through my hair, softly grabbing a fist full with each slow lick like a heart beat. I stiffle a laugh.

“What’s so funny?” you ask, smiling but concerned.

“You’re petting me like a dog!” I laugh again before proceeding to once again kiss and lick around your clit.

Now feeling a little awkward you resolve to put one hand flat on my head pulling me in, the other grasps the trunk for balance. You feel one of my hands slide up your leg, a brief pause in the licking before you feel two fingers slowly enter you. As they enter, I stop licking and allow my lips to seal around your clit very softly sucking on it and the feeling excites you. My fingers curl slightly upwards inside and start pressing and releasing behind your clit. As I do, my tongue begins to lick in rhythm, pressing from behind, licking from the front.

Your hand grips the bark tighter as your breathing quickens. You press down on my head hard as you bend yourself forward in spasm. Your nails dig hard into my skull and your legs tremble as you feel your weight shift off the bark slightly so your weight is literally supported by my face in your pussy.

My fingers have retracted now to awkwardly grab your arse cheeks, to stop you falling, and as the orgasm subsides and hyper sensitive feeling begins rising you pull yourself back up onto the wood and pull my hair upwards to get my attention. You can see glistening all around my mouth and lips. Slightly out of breath and with a big cheeky grin on my face I stare back at you.

“Told you…I’m the god of foreplay” I say between a large breath.

“You did” you say with a smile, “what does that make me the goddess of then?”.

“Orgasm? Seizing the moment? Facesitting?” I respond.

Laughing at the last one you grab my hand and signal me with a tug to come closer. As I stand between your legs your hands reach down to my pants to undo them.

“We can’t” I respond looking deflated.

“Why?” as you pause momentarily before, slower now, continuing to try to undo my pants button.

“We’ve got company.”

NSFW: yes

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