Desire of the Day – Day 1 Part 3 [MF30+][POV][Coworker][Story] – Short Sex Story

[Part 2](

Shock gives way to pure frenzy and my hands rush to you as one grabs the back of you neck, fingers clenching your hair as the other hand grabs your arm tight. It’s long, passionate and intense. Our lips working together as our tongues brush against each other and your hands, unsure what to do, first under my chin, then my arm, before one slowly works its way to my now hard nob.

Your sudden intake of breath a mystery to me. When we part we both seem in shock.

I joke “well it took long enough”,

and you respond “should’ve made a move then”.

I lean in for another kiss that you reciprocate and this time let my hand grasp your left breast. I try different pressures and movements eventually settling on a hard grasp which makes your kisses more passionate.

Your right hand slides down my arm to my crotch but this time begins to unbutton my pants one handed and sliding your hand down into my boxers to get a full grip on my nob as you stroke it up and down.

“Thank god” you say, slightly under your breath.

I smile as we kiss and as you pull away Isay “thank god what?” Genuinely perplexed.

You chuckle, then say “you’re as big as i hoped”.

My turn to laugh and I say “big hands, big feet”.

At the point you began undoing my pants, I’d realised where this is going and began lowering my back rest and yours. The cars pretty unfamiliar to me but I imagine, in daylight, laying back is best to avoid too much attention.

I see your dress slide up your legs as you reposition and I take my chance to follow. My hand moves up your thigh as we continue to kiss ever more passionately.

A slight vibration in your leg makes me wonder if this is ticklish or excitement spasms. As I get up to your pussy I feel the heat on my fingers and the slight dampness to your underwear. I pull it to one side and as my fingers touch your labia you imagine the insertion due to set in and tense in preparation. A little disappointed. But instead they brush softly and slowly upwards onto your clit. I know what I’m doing.

As I touch you, a shake travels through your body. You’ve wanted this for some time now. The years of flirting and imagining coming true, quickly and so intensely.

As my finger slowly runs circles around your clit you bite my bottom lip. Your grip on my nob tightens and speed increases. Suddenly, your spare hand that you were propping yourself up with grabs my own spare hand. You stop kissing long enough to order me,

“squeeze my nipples”.

You pull my hand up to your collar and then down into your loose dress top. We both quickly realise, not through lack of trying, that the angles are all wrong. You let go of me and reach behind to undo a string on your top and release your bra straps. You wiggle and twists your arms to remove the straps before reaching to your chest and pulling your bra off.

More comfortable now you lean on your side in the seat and using your left hand you pull on my hand again and your right wraps around my neck. I give you a few short but intense kisses, our tongues briefly meeting again, before pulling your top down slightly and I grip your nipple in my fingers.

We stop kissing and I lean forward, sucking and slightly biting your left nipple as my hand squeezes it. Again your hands discover my nob but this time as one works the shaft the other gently caresses my balls. A small moan escapes my mouth and you flush with excitement.

Leaving your nipples I sit up and kiss your neck as, again, my finger slowly rubs circles on your clit. After a few moments your hand pushes on my chest and I lean away from your neck. You move position till you’re on your knees on the seat and your head moves to my nob. Quickly you take my nob deep into your mouth.

Your tongue slightly out, your tits rubbing against my arm again. A brief flashback reminding me of the sexual tension I’d only imagined was all my own till now. As I feel your warm mouth and saliva around my dick I slide my right hand down your back to grab your arse. When I do you stop sucking to say,

“pull my hair”.

With my left hand I oblige. I lean forward and softly whisper,

“I’m going to make you scream”, as my hand clenches your hair and skull. My right hand on your arse cheek still. I slip a single finger into your moist pussy. At this your rhythm increases.

Slurping noises start emanating from your mouth as your drool leaks down my shaft onto and over my balls. You occasionally stop to lick them as your hand jerks me off.

I grab your head with my hand and force it down, taking my dick to the back of your throat, you’ve never had one fill your mouth this much before and it chokes, the excitement of it encourages you.

I release your head, pulling my finger from inside you to grab your arse before slipping a single finger inside your arse hole. Just the tip.

You briefly clench your cheeks before relaxing, your mouth and hand briefly pausing before continuing slower. I whisper in your ear,

“rub yourself whilst I finger your arse” and as you begin moving your arm I continue,

“If you don’t cum”, I pause as your mouth vibrates on my cock stifling a moan, “I’ll fuck it in punishment, now fucking cum for me”.

At this I feel your mouth tense. I take my finger slowly out your arse and immediately put my middle finger deep inside again. You tense up again but this time you moan hard.

I whisper in your ear, “what did I tell you! I want you to cum!” and my finger clenches slightly inside you as you rub your clit furiously.

I slowly pull my finger out and pull your hair back with my other hand, your mouth slurping as my nob comes out.

“You’re not doing as you’re told”.

I bite your lip and grab your boob hard, as you pant and furiously rub yourself.

“Come here ill do it myself”, i say, my hand pulling your arm making your hand come away from your pussy, the other i put under your arse pulling you on top of me.

“No. Please I’ll cum I promise” you half pant half moan, as you clamber onto me.

I open a condom and roll it on. As you sit astride me, your hair on each side of my face, your cheeks flush with red and your lips wet, I look straight into your eyes and say,
“I know you will”.

NSFW: yes

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