Demon Hunt Pt2 [Mind Control][MF][Horror] [Dubcon][Femdom]

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NSFW: yes

[Part 1 here](

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You were so proud, my little demon hunter.

Just moments ago your shining sword was slicing through the spawn of the dark, like butter. I still remember when you ‘saved’ me from the cult. Or rather, after my worshipers gave me this delectable body. You, a virtue of Holy Power, had blushed when you lifted me from the stone plinth. I knew then when I looked into your eyes the dark arousal you tried to hide. I could taste it, the hidden lust from you felt like a trace of salt among softened flesh, but I knew I needed to wait. You needed to be cured, be seasoned with the perfect brine of want before I could debase you with blasphemous pleasure.

That first night when I entered your dreams was the most memorable for me. You saw me in my mortal skin—young supple curves meant to be taken. In your dreams you held me against your throbbing erection, drinking in my innocence but I surprised you, binding you instead. I teased your throbbing organ while your hands were behind your back and your eyes blind, so that you could do nothing but feel me slide aching hunger into your bones. When you woke up the next morning, you jerked off with relentless fury, hoping that the dream was only a fluke, that it wasn’t you who craved submission.

But I knew your true nature.

Day after day, you fought to maintain your image: danger, muscles, and command. Your people feared and adored you and your very presence demanded dominance, the leader of the Demon Hunters.

But night after night, you came to me, your fight long waned from the tendrils of my power as I pulled you into my warm darkness. Reduced to groveling at my feet, concentrated into being my obedient pet. Down here where you belonged, where you didn’t have to think, didn’t have to be responsible for the life of your men. Down here where you were my slave, a nothing-boy that served at my whim, only taking pleasure when I allowed.

I petted you, nurtured your blooming shame between the hours of darkness. Each time I edged you close to completion, only to let you go by the morning light. You channeled your frustrations into killing demons in the daylight while indulging in one at night. That fact haunted you, twisted your fantasies. The wrongness of it all made you lewd, craving the oblivion that arrived with your slumber, needing the abasement I offered to save you.

And I intend to save you, my most delectable one.

I needed you to grow strong enough so that I could show you my true form without your mind immediately imploding. So I could cut open those dreams that joined us and let it spill into your reality. Then today after you spilled the blood of the banshee coven, I could feel you gathering from them more than their life magic. You drank in disappointment, at the fact they were too weak against your will. You mourned over these most feared ladies who weren’t enough to bend you, make you prostrate yourself for their pleasure.

Bravo my pet. You’ve arrived.

Now I walk towards you and you can feel the red tinge of lust climb over your body like burn marks scorching your skin. I can taste your whimpering fear and arousal like the bitter sweet darkness it was.

“Hunter. Do you know why these children feed?”

My tendrils latched onto you, prodding at your weak psyche already trained to take me in. “Do you know why they hunger?” more of my power spilled out around us. I can see your hesitation, still gripping that sword of yours like it would save you, as if you didn’t recognize your mistress. “It’s because they were made to consume, like beasts to be tamed.”

*Ohh*, those words struck a chord, you wanted to be them too, to be tamed by me, punished when you were bad, rewarded when you’d been good. My willful tendrils latched onto your skin like a harness and you shivered in anticipation.

“Do you see me now?” My hand found your cheek and rested upon it.

You nod hesitantly.

“Good boy,” Hot and self conscious, you gulped trying to suppress that jolt of pleasure from my words while parts of my dark extensions formed a sleeve around your bulging cock.

“Let go, my pet.” I said and there was a flash of humiliation as you caved to me and dropped your weapon.

There, in the slacking slope of your once stiff shoulders, were the loss of pride you craved from me. “Good,” My hand gripped the silky strand of your hair and pressed you down, and you fell, kneeling to me immediately in delicious disgrace. “That’s it.” You crawled for me, offering yourself as a chair.

My grip tightened, and so did my tendrils, they stroked you sucking and licking the divine disgrace from your surrender, till your organ dripped with juices and pulsed with need.

“Please mistress.” you moaned a jittery little mew, as I sat on top of you like an ottoman.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak,” I smacked your ass, making you leak just a little more, straining against your bond. Another wack, this time by my thorned tendrils, and they stung so good that you heaved as red expanded across all of you in pain and shame. Ten more times they kissed your skin with tortured pleasure till I could smell the tears forming on your eyes, and I stopped. Licking my palm I placed it like a salve across your buttox, making you groan in pleasure and spreading you wide. There, between the most private and dirty part of you, was the thing I’d been building to, you’ve been dreaming of.

“Now, pet, since you took that lashing so well. Maybe a reward.” I smiled drinking in your huddled bucking need, teasing your bud. Your erection so tense, a breeze could undo it.

“Make me yours.” you asked, voice hoarse.

I sighed, “Very well,” and my hand reached pushing into your ass while my tendrils pumped hot ropes of seed from your cock. I don’t stop till you’re whimpering helplessly on the floor, as I filled your mind with the promised eternity of depraved bliss.


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