Last night, Jesse and I ordered dinner. I told her, let’s get naked and surprise the delivery guy. Jesse agreed, and naked, we both were waiting for our food to arrive.

We both waited patiently and naked. And, of course, we did work up more than an appetite, with all the touching and caressing, quick licks, sloppy kisses. This point highly turned on Jesse and me. The doorbell rang; I ran and opened the door. To our surprise, the delivery person was a gorgeous woman in her twenties—with gigantic tits.

Jesse and I looked at each other, and we both said dammmmmmn. The delivery chick laughed at our opinion. And said so, this is where the party is. I came to the right place, I see. We both invited her in. I closed the door, and she handed me the bag with our food. I placed the food on the kitchen counter. As I was doing so, she mentioned nice ass, which made me blush.

Jesse asked if she wanted to join us for dinner and asked her for her name. She said her name was Taline and she would join us if only we stood naked. I responded; that Jesse and I weren’t planning to get dressed. Taline
agreed to stay.

I served the food, which was pasta with chicken parm. With toasted bread and mozzarella sticks and extra sauce. We ate and chatted and asked Taline questions. To our surprise, Taline lives five blocks from me, which was exciting.

I made a mess of myself purposely. Had sauce all over myself, on my face and tits.
I stood up and frowned and said damn; I still don’t know how to eat. I made a mess. I do have to clean myself up. Jesse said I’ll clean you. But let’s clear the table first. As we did, Taline also helped.

Jesse grabbed my hand and led me back to the table, and demanded I get on top and lay on my back, which I did. Jesse begins to lick the sauce off my tits, making me moan. Taline said that’s what I call cleaning up. And the three of us laughed.

Jesse continued licking, and Taline watched her every movement, clearly showing she was enjoying the show. Jesse started fingering me and sucking on my tit. I was wet as hell cause I was able to hear the squishiness from down below. Taline asked if it was ok for her to join in. And we both said yes. Taline pulls up a chair and has me come closer to her and spreads my legs, looks at me, and comments, that’s on sexy ass pussy you have. Then bury her face

Wow, this girl had a magical tongue. I was moaning and was dripping wet. I asked Jesse to ride my face, and she quickly did so. I love how Jesse taste. So delicious. Taline licked and teased my clit. Then licked my ass. She truly has a great tongue. As soon as her tongue touched my hole, she rubbed my clit. I immediately lost all control and squirted on her.

Taline was laughing and said well, this is a first for me. And I said, I hope this won’t be your last with us. Taline said nope; this is only the beginning. Taline mentioned she had to go but appreciated us, and she asked whether we could do this on Friday. I said hell yes but bring extra clothes cause we’ll love for you to stay longer.

Taline winked and said sounds like a plan. She left us her number so we could text. And said I’ll see you all on Friday and left. I cannot wait for Friday 😘

NSFW: yes

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