Deep Space tentacles

The bay doors open as Neil and Tate walk down the ramp, promptly greeted by Nalia who was appointed to oversee their in-processing to the new planet.

Nalia- Welcome to Axiom 5 commanders.

We’re one of 5 hybrid planets that free float the universe with a completely self sustaining atmosphere. We are home to over 50 intelligent species to include earth human (like yourselves) cyber humans and several multi breed humans as well as many other intelligent and fascinating creatures.

I’ll be glad to give you a tour but I must warn you the initial cleanse is quite rough especially on female humans. Basically we deplete all your hormones through stimulation and reset all your levels to optimal while going through a full system cleanse, healing session and memory scans.

Tate- we have heard rumors but none of us have been here before. What software do you use for the cleanse?

Nalia- well we don’t…..we use a Galatian slug.

Neil and Tate- a what!

Nalia- they are the most advanced creature in the universe with pure empathetic intelligence capable of stimulating almost all other species to complete system reset. It’s was their defense mechanism for years but now they are safe on the Axiom systems they need not fear anything. They were gracious enough to aid us where our Artificial Intelligence kept failing. It’s caused our cyber planet to drop in crime and violence by almost 100%.

Neil- sounds pretty sus

Nalia- They are majestic creatures with pure intentions I assure you. Your crew has already begun the process if you would like to observe.
(Nalia looks down at her tablet) oh yes Cpt Christian is in the chamber now and Cpl Jones is just behind her.

They walk through several hallways and elevators arriving in the main rehab facility. A large open bay with a mix of jungle and technology surrounded by an aquarium on each side sectioned off into mini water chambers. They walk closer to one of the chambers as Neil and Tate approach in absolute shock.

Before them was Cpt Christian in the tank with a Galatian slug.

Cpt Christian was the toughest girl they knew. They’re weapons engineer and explosives expert. She had been on many missions with them and had a reputation for her hard attitude and blunt dark humor. She also had a killer body. Gorgeous thick ass toned muscular legs and beautiful breasts on a 5’7 frame and long black hair. Tate and Nail had fantasied about her so many times but never dared make a move on her. She was too valuable an asset to the ship and crew.

But now there she was, a few meters away from them separated buy thick glass suspended in water. She was completely naked. They could see every inch of her and all her tattoos and muscles.

The galatian slug was a huge creature almost like an octopus with tentacles but each one was smooth with a slightly different shape and purpose. It floated in the water as if it weighed a ton but had complete control over its balance. It seemed soft and caring somehow but also burdened like a gentle creature who find out the universe, Like a scarred manatee.

It’s tentacles held the legs and arms of Cpt Christian as other tentacles coiled gently around her stomach and throat. A single larger tentacle penetrated her vagina and another filled her asshole and exited her mouth. Her mouth was wide open around the girth of the exiting tentacle as her eyes glazed over in ecstasy. Something was pumping through the tentacles, reaching the end and then coming back. Like blood flowing and returning to the heart. This caused a reaction of pain and pleasure In Cpt Christian who seem to squirm and then be overcome with pleasure.

Nalia- right now she is experiencing full sensory overload, having several orgasms per min while being stimulated in every nerve. Her mind is guided through all this as the Galatian has control under hypnosis. She is currently viewing things from his perspective and seeing through his eyes. She’s watching herself under go the process and can even see us watching her.

Tate and Nail- what! She can see us seeing this! She’s going to kill us!

Nalia- her feelings are being managed and there is no embarrassment after only the memory of pleasure and refreshing joy.

NSFW: yes

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