Dee comes over. Part 2.

Dee was putting her things away in the dresser and asked me where the skirt is that I had on. I was laughing and then told her.

“That wasn’t a skirt, Dee. It’s a curtain from the boathouse.” I told, still chuckling.

“A curtain? What are you wearing that for?” Dee asks as she closes the drawer.

I sat on the bed while Dee got undressed to out on her bikini. I told her what Joe and I did after she called to tell me she’d be late. Dee had a little grin on her face as she listened to me telling her how we fucked on the dock.

Dee was all ears as at all times, wanting to hear all of the naughty details. She sat next to me and I was at the part where Joe stopped fucking me and pulled out.

“Stopped? Did he cum?” Dee asked.

“No he didn’t. You’ll find this funny. He said he didn’t want to get me messy there on the dock. So he thought he could cum in the lake instead. Isn’t that funny?” I told Dee.

Dee asked what happened then. I told her I jacked Joe off. Dee wondered that was hot. I explained the rest of it to her, how the curtain from the boathouse got involved.

Dee gasped and said that this was hot. She then told me that she couldn’t stop thinking about last Sunday and Monday morning.

“All week that has made me so horny just thinking about Joe fucking us. I think I masturbated a dozen times because of that. I was tempted to come over and see if you felt the same way, and, you know, please each other.” Dee said, smiling.

“No need for that, Dee. It’s nice in a crunch, but you’re welcome on weekends now and there’s two guys now. You’re going to love Joe’s cousin, Danny. You haven’t met yet. He’s out swimming now so let’s go get a drink and you can check him out.” I told Dee.

Dee followed me out of the bedroom. She squeezed my ass cheek and told me, “Sexy ass, Dotty. You should always wear a thong and show it off.”

As I walked out through the kitchen I told her that my bottom is getting plenty of show time. Then I stopped by the kitchen table.

“You wouldn’t believe what happened here this afternoon, Dee. I was going to make a bite to eat for the guys, right. Well, that didn’t happen right then. Instead, Joe got after me. He ate and fucked me. Then Danny fucked me. Then Joe fucked me again.” I told Dee.

“My God, Dotty. Tell me, how does it feel having these two young men taking turns screwing you?” Dee asked.

“ I’m sure you’ll find out before the weekend is through.” I told Dee then walked out to the patio.

Both Joe and Danny were swimming. Dee and I went to the booze cart for a drink. Joe saw Dee and yelled hello. Dee returned the hello with glee. Then Joe came out and Danny followed.

They were drying off as Joe said hi again then introduced Danny to Dee. He shook Dee’s hand and said it was nice to meet her.

The guys went to a patio table and sat down by their drinks and Dee whispers to me by the portable bar, “He’s so cute, Dot. They look like brothers.”

“Yeah, that’s what I told them when I met Danny. Here’s your drink.” I said.

We went and sat by them, talking, drinking and had a smoke. Danny then says, “Love your bikinis. Very sexy. Great figures, too.”

Dee smiles and says, “Oh, this old thing. I like it but it’s seen it’s days I think. I’m afraid that with a couple more swims in it, it may disintegrate.”

Joe then says, “Well then Dee, you should leave it on the patio before you get in the pool.”

“Why Joe, I think you’re suggesting a nude swim. You naughty man you.” Dee’s says, grinning, puts her glass to her lips as she glances at young Danny.

“Yeah, what do you ladies say? Skinny dipping sounds like fun. It’s a beautiful night, and very secluded.” Joe says.

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NSFW: yes

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