Date Night Diary 11/19/22

Well I got spoiled on date night. Mr got me all dressed up in a tiny little black dress, sexy stockings, and knee high boots. I felt so sexy walking into the strip club with him. I knew I looked hot and the guys were looking at me just as hard as they were the strippers. I love knowing all those guys wanted to be in my husbands place and getting to take me home later to see how good I fuck.
Mr. found us a table and ordered me a drink. He sat back and watched the girls on stage climb up and down the pole. ( I think I’m getting one for Christmas now!)
I like rubbing his dick through his jeans and getting him hard while he watches hot girls dance for him. I bought him (with his $$) a lap dance from a sexy little blonde with ass and legs for days. My pussy got so wet knowing how hard his dick was getting while she shoved her big tits in his face and grinded that barely covered pussy on his cock. She turned around and bounced her tits for me while she rubbed her tight little ass on my husband. I watched as Mr. slid his hands over her panties, feeling her pussy lips and clit. Mr. had her climb on me after the first song. She was more gentle with me, letting me put her pretty nipples in my mouth slowly so I could swirl my tounge around her hard nipples. She put my hands on her ass so Mr could watch me spread her little ass aside for him to see her pretty little holes. Then she turned around and rubbed those big tits for Mr and spread both our legs wide open so he could see our swollen, wet pussys right on top of one another’s. I know he wanted to pull his dick out right then and take turns on us. When she was done Mr ordered me another drink and slid my panties to the side so he could feel how wet I had gotten watching him with another woman. He knows how horny I get watching his dick get hard for someone else, but I get soaked when she lets me play with her after. I was ready for him to take me home at that point and shove his big dick inside me, but Mr wanted to play with me more. A girl with a nice round ass and perky tits passed by and saw how hard the bulge in Mr’s pants was. She said “oh Papi” plopped down on his lap and smiled at me. This little whore knew exactly what I wanted. She locked eyes with me the entire time she slid her bare body only her pussy covered with a thin g-string up and down my husbands torso. It’s like she knew how turned on I would be if she put his cock inside her. He moved his hands softly all over her smooth tits, then she turned around and rubbed her tits all over his mouth and I could see him pull one nipple then the next into his mouth, flicking them with his tongue and making them hard. He moved his hands all over her ass then I watched as she moved her pussy towards his fingers. Those fingers that had just been in my wet cunt and he slid one then 2 fingers in her little hole. She turned back towards me, locked eyes with me again and moved one of his hands to the edge of her thong and mouthed to me…”is this ok”? I smiled and said “oh yes”. She turned and straddled his legs facing me and used his fingers to move her thong to the side. She had such a pretty pussy and my panties got soaked even more watching him rub her clit then finger fucking her until she laid her head back on his shoulder forgetting I was even there. She rode his fingers with those legs spread wide open so I could watch him dip his fingers in and out of her slowly, then letting him stuff her with his fingers until she was grinding them like they were a fat cock and made her pussy cum all over my man’s fingers. When the song was over she leaned over, kissed me, and told me she wanted to show us both a good time in VIP. No doubt we would have had fun and I’ll usually will never turn down another sexy woman eating my pussy but at this point I needed Mr to take me home and fuck me and all my holes hard.
It’s not my fault I’m such a horny little whore always. Who wouldn’t be with a hubby that fucks the way he does. Needless to say after I told him how bad I needed his dick in the back of my throat, he paid the tab and we drove home.

NSFW: yes

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