Dark Secrets


Lacy has a dark secret that no one else knows. When her husband finds out he has a decision to make…and Lacy’s fate hangs in the balance.


Lacy dearly loved her husband David and couldn’t imagine living without him. She was always supportive of his hopes and dreams, and she was always there to back him up no matter what troubles beset them. Over the years they had conquered every obstacle that had challenged them, and she still welcomed him to their bed with open arms and found inventive ways to excite him. It was the ideal marriage. So why was she on her knees in the restroom of a convenience store with the huge cock of an eighteen year old clerk deep in her mouth and desperately swallowing his cum?

It had started during the third year of their marriage. She had been running in the park and had caught a flash of something off the jogging path, and had stepped through the thick woods to find the pleasant little glade occupied by an athletically built young man lying in the sun and reading a men’s magazine. There was a small pile of college textbooks beside him on the blanket, but his attention was focused on the magazine and he had a huge cock in his hand, masturbating.

He had raised his eyes and flushed deep crimson when he saw the slender ponytailed blonde with her breasts rising and falling rapidly from her exercise. Her odd, amber colored eyes were riveted on his swollen erection and her nipples were suddenly poking out the front of her sports bra. The tight lycra running shorts she wore covered her slim hips like a glove and enhanced her long graceful legs. He was scrambling to stuff his prick back into his shorts when he heard her speak in a soft voice.

“Don’t,” she whispered. He froze, looking her inquisitively. Her generous lips were puffy, her nipples were rigid, and one dainty hand had crept between her slender thighs. “Don’t hide it, please, I want to watch!” Lacy couldn’t believe the words coming from her mouth. What the hell was she thinking?

Still slightly embarrassed, the young man stopped trying to stuff his erection back into his shorts and let it hang free. “Do it,” she pleaded. He wrapped his hand around the thick penis and slowly stroked it, staring at the sexy, sweating woman. He was suddenly aroused by her watching him, and he began to twist and jerk at his swollen manhood. He stopped and slid his shorts to his knees, and knelt on the blanket, the magazine forgotten. Lacy felt the flames of desire rise in her belly and she knelt to get a better look at the big purplish glans of his cock. “Yes,” she whispered, “like that…squeeze it.” Her free hand moved to her rigid nipple and began to twist and pinch it. She made small, erotic sounds that excited the young man.

“I…I want to see you too,” he whispered. Without taking her eyes from his throbbing cock she slid the tight shorts to her knees, exposing her shaved pussy to his hungry eyes. She heard his low moan and a wild recklessness overwhelmed her, a feeling she had never experienced before. Her eyes glazed over with a wicked lust and she stood, slowly removing her sports bra and kicking the shorts from around her ankles. Her thighs spread as she walked to within a foot of the frantically masturbating young man.

Look at my pussy,” she whispered, pulling her delicate pussy lips apart so that he could have a better view. “Isn’t that so much better than that cold impersonal piece of paper?” She stepped closer. “Here, smell…”

He bent forward quickly, his tongue lapping at her wet slit and she threw her head back, reveling in the feel of his slick tongue against her clit and her lascivious behavior. Her knees quivered and he put his hands on her hips, pulling her over his mouth, slipping his tongue inside her. Lacy’s moans became louder and her hands went to his ears, pulling him into her heat. “Fuck me!” she cried.

He pulled her down to his blanket, laying her on her back. Her legs spread wide automatically, her hips writhing with need and she reached for his thick hard penis. The feel of it in her hand, the searing heat of it, drove her to pull him into her depths and she gasped at the sudden intrusion of hot manflesh.

Bucking wildly, she began to fuck him wildly from beneath. The young man was on top, but there was never any question who was in control.

Her ankles were locked behind the small of his back and she was squeezing him to her with her thighs.

Pound me you fucker, fuck me harder. I want to feel your hot cum scalding my pussy!” she said as she humped her hips up against him. Unable to contain himself any longer, he sprayed his essence into her enthusiastically. Lacy convulsed in ecstasy.

She had been ridden with guilt afterwards, going home and trying to shower the guilt off, turning her skin bright pink from scrubbing herself. Curling into a fetal ball, Lacy had cried until she choked. A cup of hot coffee and an hour of concentration later, she came to the conclusion that the morning had been a one time aberration and that she would keep it to herself. No good would come of her confessing what she had done to David, and she would do her best to forget about the incident. What was done was done and no amount of self recrimination could change it. With her conflict resolved, she cheerfully went about her housework and preparing David’s favorite meal. After a pleasant dinner and cleaning up the kitchen, Lacy slipped into their bedroom and put on her sexiest negligee. David had forgotten all about his favorite TV show as she had dimmed the lights and knelt between his legs, giving him the best blowjob of his life. For the first time in her life, she hadn’t wanted to pull away at the height of his orgasm. When David came she had pulled her lips back to the crown of his glans and sealed his cock off with her full lips, capturing every drop of his cum in her mouth. When it had been over and she had drained his balls, she had stood and stripped off her crotchless panties, crawling into David’s lap. When her heated pussy was pressed against his flaccid penis, she had looked into his eyes and opened her mouth to show him the thick load of cum inside. She closed her mouth quickly to keep from losing any and swallowed it all down. Then she had licked her lips with a lascivious smile and pressed her breasts into his chest. David had been awestruck and extremely happy.

The next time it had happened she had been shopping at the mall when she had chanced on a young man who was being berated by a very attractive young lady. Apparently he had worked up the nerve to ask her out and the spoiled little bitch had backed him into a dark hallway and was explaining in great detail why an awesome chick like her would ever go out with a worthless nerd such as himself.

Lacy had not hesitated an instant. She strode down the dimly lit hall and had brushed aside the arrogant girl without so much as an “excuse me,” and had grabbed the young man and kissed him passionately…confusing both the young man and the girl. When she released him, she had opened the front of her dress, baring her small perfect breasts and then reached in her purse and drew out a fity dollar bill. “It’s all I have baby, but I can get you the rest late…I just couldn’t wait any longer,” she said breathlessly, sinking to her knees in front of him. The young man and the girl had watched, astonished, as Lacy freed his cock from his jeans and energetically plunging his swollen cock into her luscious mouth.

Lacy laid it on thick, exclaiming at his size and the sweet taste of his cock, and telling him how she had been unable to think of anything but his cock for the last few days. “You don’t even have to fuck me baby, if you’ll just give me your cum!” she had said in her hottest, sexiest voice. When his cock had surged and his balls had churned in his scrotum she had moaned very loudly and fastened her lips around the base of his cock, sucking until he was dry. When he leaned back against the wall, shaken and in shock, Lacy had stood up and kissed him again, taking her time and making the appropriate noises. “I promise baby,” she’d said in a stage whisper, “I’ll pay you the rest next time.” She’d given him a wink and turned to face the girl. “Sorry honey, you’ll have to give him a few minutes to recover…I couldn’t wait any longer.” Lacy had reached up with her hand and slowly and casually wiped a gobbet of the boy’s cum from her chin that she had left there deliberately. With studied exaggeration, she had placed the finger with his cum on it in her mouth, swished the fluid around in her mouth, and swallowed it. “God that’s so good!” She fastened the front of her dress and had left the girl staring after her in amazement. The young man had a happy, crooked smile on his face.

Lacy was smiling to herself, pleased at confounding the arrogant little bitch and heartened by the boy’s crooked smile. This time she felt no guilt at all, just an overpowering desire for David’s cock. She climbed into her car and drove directly to his office.

The receptionist had greeted her brightly and told her David was in his office. She had entered his office and he had not even looked up. She stood for just a moment, taking in his handsome visage and feeling her love for him welling up inside of her. She quickly unbuttoned the buttons that closed the front of her dress and letting it fall to the floor. David looked up in surprise when he heard the dress fall. “Did you think it was Sheila that came in, shut the door, and stripped off her dress?” Lucy asked as she slipped off the wispy pair of French cut panties that were her only remaining garment.

She straddled him on his desk chair and pressed one firm breast into his mouth, her body on fire with lust. “Honey, what if somebody comes in…” he mumbled around her soft flesh.



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